Digital Printing Paper

Highest quality Washi papers perform excellently on printers, copiers, and commercial digital printing presses.

Tosa Washi Packaging Paper

Edofiber’s distinct Washi specialty papers are exceptional for packaging with the ultimate Japanese beauty.

Stationery & Craft Supplies

The beauty and functionality of Washi stands out for from envelops to scrapbooking.

Tengujo Restoration Washi Paper

Our Tengujo paper is the world’s thinnest paper, used for restoration and conservation.

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Edofiber Washi Innovation

We utilize bamboo pulp and vegetable oil ink in combination with a mechanized version of our traditional Tesuki Washi production to create high quality paper.

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Innovative and Traditional

Our Japanese-made paper is the heart of our business for 100 years

Washi Japanese Paper Supplier

Washi is Japanese paper made from the mitsumata, kozo, and wild gampi shrubs. Dating back for over 1,400 years to 610 CE, Washi has long been prized for its luxurious textures, durability, and longevity. Traditionally, Washi is manufactured in a 22-step process to extract the long fibers of the woody pulp and then filtered through a bamboo screen. UNESCO has designated Japanese Washi paper to its intangible cultural heritage list.

For over 40 years, Edofiber and its parent company, Nagai Paper Store, pioneered a method of processing Washi paper that blends the best aspects of the traditional Washi paper production process and harmonized it with modern mass-production technology. The result is a family of Washi papers that are as beautiful as they are functional and affordably sourced to be highly viable for modern commercial printing processes. Edofiber is a top-rated Japanese Washi paper supplier and has won the coveted Yokozuna Award for best-quality Tesuki Hosyo.

Washi Paper Commercial Applications

Washi paper is ideal for commercial printing, production, and packaging applications. A wide variety of Washi papers are available: from paper perfect for modern digital printing techniques, to large sheet commercial printing, as well as very thin, Washi tissue papers. Edofiber works with the three select Washi paper suppliers on Japan’s Shikoku island to source the papers used to produce innovative commercial printing solutions.

Washi paper often benefits from special treatments and processing to add extra elegance to this beautiful and functional paper. Edofiber is skilled at watermarking, edge-dyeing, foil stamping, original punching, and embossment of Washi paper. We are the first FSC® certified Washi maker in the world. Edofiber is helping achieve 40 targets under the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for forest management in the world. We would be happy to consult with you on a solution suitable for your commercial printing and production.

Washi Office Supplies & Craft Supplies

The beauty and versatile functionality of Japanese Washi paper also stands out for its usefulness in office supplies, stationery, scrapbooking, and craft supplies. Washi paper provide a distinctive, quality appearance that is unique to Japanese papers because they are not made with traditional Western wood pulp.

Edofiber supplies a wide variety of Japanese office supplies: from envelopes, letterhead, paper file folders, notepads, and more. When used for office supplies, Washi paper creates a unique and luxurious texture that elevates and differentiates your office.

Washi paper is also prized for its application in scrapbooking and crafting. The wide variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses make Washi especially useful. Add to this the durability, absorbency, and longevity, and Washi paper is highly useful for crafting projects and artwork, including origami and gift wrap.

Washi Food Service Supplier

Edofiber is one of the top suppliers of Washi food service supplies and chopsticks for restaurants, catering companies, and hotels. Washi paper’s unique characteristic for absorbency and durability make this paper ideal for the food service industry: Washi table mats and chopstick mats make an elegant presentation for any place setting; and when coupled with our folded chopstick covers, inner envelopes, Washi mini covers, and chopstick paper bands, they make for a high quality presentation sure to stand out.

Edofiber is happy to work with your company to source, manufacture, process and print the food service supplies that are right for you. Contact us for more information on the variety of food service solutions that would help elevate your restaurant, catering service, or hospitality establishment. We look forward to serving you with high quality Washi food service supplies.

Washi Antibacterial Paper Products

Edofiber continues to innovate in the production of Washi paper products with its line of antibacterial Washi paper. Recently released, our line of Washi antimicrobial Japanese file folders are superior to other antibacterial papers due to the unique process used during manufacturing.

While most antibacterial paper products are produced by applying chemical treatments to the surface of the product, Edofiber’s unique manufacturing process incorporates natural antibacterial enzymes during the paper production process itself. By embedding the antibacterial treatment within the Washi paper fibers during manufacturing, the antibacterial qualities of our office file folders lasts much longer than competitor antibacterial file folders.