Bulk Paper

We offer a variety of Japanese paper suitable for many applications, mainly paper wholesalers and processing companies as agencies interested in our traditional Japanese washi techniques. In the images below you will see an example of the paper types stacked on both white and black solid paper to illustrate the slight opacity.

White Color Based Paper


Focused on the texture of Japanese papers by increasing the ratio of coniferous trees. Suitable for stamp-book, envelop, greeting cards and invitations. Printable.


Papers made with dedicated machine but the texture of hand-made alike. Suitable for food service papers. Printable.


The same with Kawa but mixed with rayon fiber. Traditional Japanese papers with the name of UNRYU WASH. Printable.

Colored Paper

Japanese Garden (solid Earth tones)

Selected papers colored with Japanese four seasons colors inspired by Japanese traditional gardens. Printable.

Habutae (silk woven cloth alike)

Bilayer WASH. The color represents the high quality papers with a sense of Japanese tradition.

Specialty Paper

G&S (with scattering gold and silver leaf)

Traditional Japanese papers with scattering gold and silver leaf on. Suitable for wrapping and packaging.

Hana (stands for flower)

Pastel colored by adding 7 (seven) colored cutting papers.

Fireworks (Rayon papers)

Colored rayon papers of 20g/m2. Suitable for wrapping and packaging.