Traditional Japanese Paper Supplier

Edofiber is the subsidiary of Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd and serves as the worldwide distributor of fine Washi papers. Established in 1928, our innovative process for producing traditional Japanese papers has resulted in a reputation for excellence. We are actively seeking business partners around the globe to distribute Washi papers for commercial applications.

At Edofiber, we are skilled in printing on Washi papers of all types: from letterpress printing, to high-definition offset and digital printing. When printing on thin Washi sheets, extra care is required to avoid wrinkling the papers. Other printing solutions include seal printing and laminate applications, which are often found in food-handling products and packaging. 

We at Edofiber are also skilled in the special treatments that may be applied to Washi papers, including watermarks, edge dyeing, foil stamping, box making, original punching, and embossments. These enhancements increase the beauty, function, and possibilities that may be achieved using traditional Japanese papers.

Preserving and protecting our environment is a core value of Edofiber. To meet this goal, we produce traditional Japanese papers using bamboo pulp and vegetable oil ink instead of using forest products and harmful chemicals. We are the first Forest Stewardship Council® certified Washi makers in the world.