About Us: Washi & Chopsticks

Nagai Paper Company specializes in selling Washi (Japanese traditional paper), and was established in 1928, and restructured as Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd. in 1948. Edofiber is a division of Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., which distributes Washi paper worldwide, including the United States and United Kingdom.

All Japanese paper had been made by hand, but production was successfully mechanized in 1955 without reducing paper quality. As a result of this, we have built a reputation for excellence in our products. We have significantly expanded our product with offerings such as special paper, processed paper, and regular paper. As we expanded further, we began offering chopstick covers in 1959 with our manufacturing department for the foodservice industry. Today, people are more health focused, and that trend is increasing Japanese food popularity. We intend to adapt to those social trends and economic changes by meeting ones needs. Indeed, the new plant that enhanced efficiency with technological progress was built in Satte, Saitama, in July in 1994. We will continually improve technology and develop a broad array of products to be flexible and to suit social changes.


We aim to offer no-compromise products

For the certain products to indispensable a skilled technician to each department. We are imparting our 50 years accumulated manufacturing know-how to the next generation, and to further improve out technology, we are working together to make improvements throughout the plant.