Client Testimonials

Edo Fiber is proud of the products we supply, but we are even more pleased with the reaction from satisfied clients. Below are just a few of our more recent testimonials that illustrate the quality of our work.

About Touch

In my business we give our clients handouts of self-care and stretches and other things they can do at home.  We used these Edofiber antibacterial Washi Paper folders to just give them some papers to take, then we really upped our game and put them in a beautiful germ-free washi paper folder with our logo printed on it.  It looks professional and clients started taking our recommendations more seriously.   

-Jennifer Olsen, About Touch Massage and Acupuncture

Massage & Acupuncture Therapy – About Touch – Eugene Oregon

The Vanilloby Shop

The folders are wonderful. We are concerned about long term durability, however the team was very understanding once we informed them that this is more suitable for promotional purposes, such as events or conventions or gifts. As promotional material, they are very high quality. One team member was very happy to see that when they spilled water on it, very little damage occurred to the folder. The items inside were also protected from damage. 

There is also some minor concern that they will not be as popular as plastic folders as plastic folders are more durable, but many of our target audience are conscious of the harmful long-term effects of plastic waste. We are hoping that our customers will appreciate the reduced environmental impact of Edofiber products.

-Kan Willoughby, The Vanilloby Shop in Newport News, VA