Our Unique Skills to PRINT on Washi Paper

Letterpress Printing

There are various printing machines using a method consisting of putting ink on the convex side of the printing plate. It can emulate the degree of expression of Washi prints done by woodcut plates. When We do process-printing, it is typically a time-consuming work, but that is unquestionably necessary for workmanship to be superior, and that is also our work’s biggest charm.

High-definition Offset Printing

Very high-definition expression is possible for printing, but with the limitation of the needs to adjust facility settings for problems such as paper feed or paper powder, especially when printed on WASHI. We have also introduced FM screening for high-definition CTP on printing plates.

Thin Paper Printing

As for thin papers featuring a transparent soft feel of some materials, heliogravure is generally used on rolled paper, but it is a difficult process that can become an issue when production needs to be increased. The offset printing of a small lot is possible, but a lot of printing expertise is necessary for keeping the paper shiny, and maintaining the paper feed without creating wrinkles.

Seal Printing

Printed on rolled paper for seals and usually cut out, but We can make also special paper, that has been applied with paste.


Raises water resistance and confidentiality by thermal-welding a sheet over the paper using products such as polyethylene. It is commonly used for packing Japanese sweets.