About Us: Edo Fiber Video Overviews

Edo Fiber is proud to manufacture Washi paper products using the traditional methods that date back centuries. Dating back more than 1,300 years ago, Washi is a unique paper product made from the fibers of the mitsumata, gampi, and kozo shrubs.

The fibers that come from the manufacturing process of Washi result in much longer fibers than Western paper products. The extra length of the Washi fibers grants the paper a very luxurious feel. In addition, the long Washi fibers also provide Washi paper with durability that is unmatched by Western paper: it holds up better to bending and folding.

At Edo Fiber, we have also pioneered manufacturing Washi paper with antimicrobial treatments that are embedded deep within the paper fibers. The long Washi fibers join with antibacterial treatments to provide a long-lasting germ-fighting benefit that is useful in a variety of corporate, medical, and educational settings.

Please take a moment to view the video below and learn more about the unique aspects of Washi paper and how Edo Fiber remains at the forefront of manufacturing and printing on Washi paper products.

A Presentation to Remember

In corporate settings, advantages must be sought at every opportunity. The smallest details can make lasting impressions.

This is why Edo Fiber has pioneered the production of high quality Washi file folders, uniquely treated with antimicrobial qualities that protect not only the file folders themselves, but also everyone who handles them.

Please enjoy the following short film documenting how one presenter used Washi file folders to make a big impression on her prospects and win the contract. Thank you in advance for your interest in Edo Fiber and our line of Washi paper products.