Washi Paper Supplier

We offer a full range of Washi paper solutions to meet the needs of commercial printers, distributors, and craft industry enthusiasts worldwide. From digital printing supplies to commercial and wholesale needs, our traditional Japanese Washi papers provide exceptional quality for a wide range of solutions.

We are seeking distributors and business partners across the world

We offer a unique line of antibacterial Japanese office supplies that provide antimicrobial benefits. Perfect for medical offices, schools and education, or any setting where reducing bacteria is important.

We offer a variety of Washi papers optimized for digital printing. Wholesalers and print processing companies will enjoy the commercial applications for our traditional Japanese Washi solutions.

Edofiber offers a variety of Washi specialty papers that make exceptional solutions for packaging and presentations. Tap into the beautiful colors and textures that are distinctive to Japanese traditional papers.

Allow the beauty and unique textures of Washi papers to infuse your stationery and craft supplies. Perfect for a wide variety of needs, from envelopes and file folders, to unique scrapbook designs.

Edofiber specializes in turning Washi paper into distinctive custom products for all your business needs. From conference, office, or restaurant supplies, to custom packaging solutions for consumers goods, cosmetics, or bottled spirits.

We are seeking distributors and business partners across the world