Japanese Office Supplies

Edofiber is pleased to offer a line of Japanese office supplies manufactured using Washi paper. Washi paper is a traditional type of paper that originated in Japan and features unique qualities that are different from paper made from wood pulp like most paper of Western origin. Washi paper is prevalent in Japan and serves as the basis for many Japanese office supplies. Now, this paper is available to the United States and United Kingdom market through distribution partnerships and other commercial uses. Made from the long fibers of the gampi, mitsumata and mulberry bush, the long fibers make Japanese office supplies durable and long lasting. Best of all, we offer Japanese office supplies with an innovative treatment of antimicrobial ingredients that provide a much more long-lasting antimicrobial benefit. This can prove highly desirable for businesses and consumers who are concerned with reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

Japanese Office Supplies

Japanese file folders make a great addition to both corporate buyers, distributors or printers of Japanese office supplies. Our file folders have a proven international demand that consumers enjoy. Combined with Edofiber’s excellent reputation as one of Japan’s oldest, most-trusted and established manufacturer of Washi paper and the Japanese office supplies from which they are made, we would enjoy inquiries from clients and prospects looking for innovative applications for Washi paper in Japanese office supplies.

The lead product in this category is our line of Japanese file folders. The material we use to manufacture this line of office supplies is Washi paper, which holds many benefits when compared to traditional Western manufacturing methods. Rather than using wood pulp, our paper is made from the long fibers of the gampi, mitsumata and mulberry bush. These long fiber make our file folders and other office supplies more long-lasting. In the case of our Japanese file folders, the long fibers of the Washi paper allows it to stand up to repeated folding and opening. Thus, our file folders outlast folders made from wood pulp.

As an early innovator in the application of antimicrobial treatment of paper, Edofiber has developed a surface treatment of file folders that also outlasts the competition. Our treatment is surface coated, but embeds itself deep within the Washi fibers, making it outlast other antimicrobial treatments. It is dry to the touch and stable in sunlight. These factors make it ideal for medical clinics, dentist offices, schools, and other settings where microbe and bacterial spread are of greater concern.

We are one of the only companies in the world to adopt the Forest Stewardship council guidelines for sustainability goals of the United Nations for paper manufacturing. Receiving the FSC certification is something we are proud to maintain, as we take the responsibility for the environment very seriously. It is our future and we will protect it.

Japanese File Folders, Plain

Our Japanese file folders are available as plain paper products that are ready for you to use in your office and workplace as is, or suitable for printing either at home, office, or commercially.

Antibacterial Japanese File Folders – Plain

  • Color: white or ivory
  • Size: US Letter (8.5 x 11.0 inches) or A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Price: $0.58 USD per file
  • MOQ: 100 per color

Japanese File Folders, Custom Printed

Custom-printed file folders are available to carry your branding and message on antibacterial Washi paper. Optionally, these folders are also available with rounded corners.

Antibacterial File Folders – Custom Printed

  • Color: white or ivory printed with your design
  • Size: US Letter (8.5 x 11.0 inches) or A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Price: $0.90 USD per file (printing and proofing fees not included)
  • MOQ: 1,000 per design

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