Tosa Washi Paper:Aesthetic & Sustainable Packaging Paper

Tosa paper is durable, unique and ideal for your packaging needs

Tosa Washi is the ideal paper for high-quality packaging presentations with durability. Other wrapping and packaging papers are prone to ripping and tearing, but Tosa Washi is much stronger and less prone against accidental rips and tears. If you’ve ever sent off a wrapped package and had it arrived at its destination with a rip at a corner, you’ll appreciate how much tougher Tosa Washi is. In addition to helping to keep your presentation attractive and your packages safely wrapped, Tosa Washi Packaging paper is wonderfully aesthetic and sustainable. The concept of sustainability is naturally rooted in Japanese culture, and this 1,000-year-old Tosa Washi has been carrying over sustainability as Japan’s core “cool” value as it returns to soil without becoming waste.

Commercial Uses for Tosa Washi Paper

  1. Tosa Washi Wrapping Paper
    From thin see-through to thick solid, Tosa Washi Wrapping papers consists of a variety of textures to choose from to meet with your unique packaging needs. The colors and patterns on all papers carry traditional but modern Japanese aesthetic.In addition to linking Japanese culture to the next generation, these Washi papers bring back traditional crafts that hold promise in the hands of today’s modern Washi craftsmen that can be said as truly sustainable practice. Cut and wrap according to the size of the thing to be wrapped.

    Size: Width 60-80cm x Length 1,000-2,000cm
    Best suited for: Flower bouquets, Bottles, Infinite formed goods

  1. Tosa Washi Paper Gift Bag
    Fashionable and modern Japanese style gift bags made with a variety of Tosa Washi papers including abstract patterns made by dropping water as well as beautifully scattered patterns that present richness of the KOZO fiber. These gift bags have been loved by Japanese customers for long time.The bags come with ribbons, strings, or stickers attached to tie or close the bag. Two-sided bags that have a transparent film on the front and Tosa washi on the back are available to show the inside of the package that are often used for assorted products.
  1. Tosa Washi Paper Box
    Pleasant touch, warmth, beautiful patterns and texture, Tosa Washi Paper Box brings up the charm of washi material as a special gift box. A square box sized by 7 cm is cutely fits in the palm of your hand. There are two patterns: with window and without. Custom made boxes are available for large quantity orders.

    Size: 66 mm× width 66 mm× height 68 mm
    Best suited for: Candies, Tea, Bath salts, Soaps, Herbs, Handkerchiefs, Washcloths, and other petite miscellaneous goods

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History of Tosa Washi Paper

Tosa Washi Paper has a long history that there is a historical record the paper was already made 1100 years ago. There are various theories about the history of Tosa Washi, but it is thought that one of the Hyakunin Isshu poets named Kino Tsurayuki (872-945) influenced in conveying information about the paper. The Hyakunin Isshu is a series of one hundred classical Japanese poems from one hundred different poets at that time in the Heian period (794-1185). He was appointed to be the governor of Tosa County and promoted the paper production. During the Heian period, Tosa Washi Paper was used to wrap gifts presented to the imperial family and it was considered a precious paper.

The usage of traditional Japanese paper had been changed with the eras and it began to be used to make samurai’s kimono, dolls, and paper currency. From the Edo period (1603-1868), Tosa Washi began to be viewed as an important specialty product that was used to be gifted to the shogunate (feudal military government) and was also under protection by the Tosa city government. To be called as Tosa Washi, it must be made in the Tosa city region even the present days.

We are seeking distributors and business partners across the world