Washi Chopsticks Supplier

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality Washi paper products for the food service industry. From chopsticks and Washi chopstick covers, to Washi table mats, coasters and tempura papers, you may trust Edofiber to supply your business with the best Washi food service products.

Edofiber has over 100 years of history contributing to sustainable development of Japanese food services by distributing high-grade disposable chopsticks made in Japan as well as high-quality Washi paper sleeve covers to protect and decorate those special chopsticks in a variety of restaurants.

Highest Quality Washi Food Service Supplier

In addition to our award-winning Washi paper processing and printing capabilities, we also offer a wide range of high-quality restaurant supplies. Since 1928, we use environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo pulp in our base papers. We are certified by the “Non-Wood Green Products Association of Japan” recognizing our environmentally-friendly products.

We take pride in our investments to develop innovative products that are ahead of current trends. Our business motto is to “Create products that no others can imitate.”

Chopsticks and Washi Covers

Edofiber, in association with our parent company, Nagai Shigyo, is pleased to offer a full range of chopsticks. From disposable chopsticks made of bamboo, tensoge, rikyu, and ranchu, to specialty chopsticks made from woods such as aspen, cedar, or cypress, we are the food service supplier of choice.

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Chopstick Selection:

  • Aspen chopsticks
  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Carbonized Bamboo chopsticks
  • Cedar chopsticks
  • Cypress chopsticks
  • Ranchu chopsticks
  • Rikyu chopsticks
  • Tensoge chopsticks

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Chopstick Covers:

  • Chopsticks cover folded in three (Kinkotobuki)
  • Chopsticks cover inner envelope
  • Chopsticks mini cover
  • Chopstocks paper band

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Washi Table Mats

Edofiber also offers a range of highest-quality food service table mats. Our table mats add a distinctive flair to your place setting decor and may be ordered in solid colors, mixed fiber, and printed decorative mat options.

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Table Mat Options:

  • Kagayahi plain table mats
  • Kagayahi decorative printed mats
  • Waka Murasaki solid colored mats
  • Tairei mixed fiber table mats

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Chopstick Mats:

  • Chopsticks mat (Asagao)
  • Chopsticks mat (Asasai)
  • Chopsticks mat (Ume)
  • Chopsticks mat (Momiji)
  • Chopsticks mat (Sakura)

Washi Coasters

Washi paper coasters make an excellent choice for your food service table presentation. Owing to its high absorbtive quality, Washi coasters are offered in styles as simple as plain, to a wide variety of printed designs that add elegance to any setting.

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Washi Coasters:

  • Plain coasters in white or unbleached
  • Ukiyo-e printed designs
  • Kiyotake printed style
  • Kagayahi floral prints

Tempura Papers

Traditionally used for tempura service, our tempura papers are ideal for use with any fried food. Tempura paper absorbs excess oil, keeping fried foods crisp while allowing for a clean presentation. Tempura paper is a simple and elegant way to elevate your food service supplies.

Click to visit Nagai Shigyo Tempura Papers:

  • Tempura paper (Kusa-jirushi)
  • Tempura paper (Fuji-jirushi)
  • Tempura paper (Aka-jirushi)
  • Tempura paper (Ai-jirushi)
  • Tempura paper (Unryu)

We are seeking distributors and business partners across the world