Antibacterial Technology Is Superior to Chemically-Treated Paper for Files

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s no surprise that interest in home organization has grown exponentially across the world. For many, this unprecedented time in history provided extra time to focus on household and business management.

When you have a lot of spare time on your hands, there’s little reason to let your cleaning and organization take a backslide.

It isn’t always feasible to throw papers and correspondence away, so creating a sorting and storage system that provides antibacterial protection is a worthwhile endeavor in fine-tuning how you handle your documents.

Gather Everything You Need Into One Spot

First, you should gather all of your paperwork and documents in order to sort them in a central location. Depending on how you’ve previously handled or stored paperwork, this could require some time and effort.

For optimal results, we recommend the following items to streamline your project.

  • A file cabinet or files boxes
  • File folders
  • Paper shredder
  • Recycling bin
  • Printable Labels

Each of these tools plays an essential role in cataloging your necessary paperwork and documents.

If you have significant amounts of documents to sort and store, using durable, attractive, and antibacterial Washi paper file folders offer all these benefits. The antibacterial nature of the product means you can worry less about the potential for germ spread in your office or home.

Start The Sorting And Process

To work more efficiently, set up five staging areas for your documents. When sorting, decide which category is most appropriate for the paperwork. These five categories include:

Immediate action required – These are high priority items, such as bills and other time-sensitive account statements.

Archival items – These are items you may need to use later, but with no immediate need for them now. These documents could include correspondence about insurance policies, purchase receipts, product manuals, warranties, school records, and monthly bank statements.

Household necessities – These are your goto documents like coupons, takeout menus, and other documents that you refer to frequently.

Recyclable – Unwanted mail that doesn’t contain personal information and is of no interest to you is ideal for recycling.

Shredding required – Any document that you don’t want or need to keep that has personally identifiable information, such as account numbers, contact information, or other sensitive information, should get shredded to protect your identity.

With a winning system like this installed, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you sort and file.

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Decluttering Simplifies Your Life

There are not many reasons to horde documents. Most hold very little special meaning, so sorting, recycling, or shredding them as soon as you get them is most sensible. It would be best if you prepared to shred or recycle as often as possible.

To avoid clutter, save only the items you need, and stay on top of handling things you want to review later, such as sales circulars. Once you’ve reviewed them, process them efficiently. Many retailers offer hard copies of their sales circulars in their stores so that you can refresh your memory when you’re there.

Use an Archival System for Vital Documents

Excellent organizational skills require that related items get stored in clearly labeled or marked file folders. This system makes life easier when you need to retrieve:

  • Passports and travel records
  • Medical records
  • Tax returns
  • School records
  • Contracts, leases, and deeds
  • Retirement, life insurance, and financial documents
  • Social security cards, birth certificates, and baptismal certificates
  • Employment information and records

For documents of this nature, using a fireproof box and labeled Washi file folders preserves them, even in the case of a fire. By assigning an individual Washi file folder for each category, you can group all your essential papers and documents accordingly.

A Central Household File Helps Immensely

A household file is ideal for storing documents that don’t need action currently but will, at some point, making them ineligible for archiving. A household file with several sections, binders, or pockets is perfect for keeping gift cards, coupons, and other documents you may need shortly.

Use Your Action File for Documents on the Move

Maintain one “action” file to keep high priority correspondence easily at hand, and use it as your hub to keep your household and finances running smoothly.

The most important of all aspects of organizing your home or business office is consistency. One week where you fall behind can plague your entire system and cause a pileup of disorganized papers and clutter. If that happens, you’ll need to double your efforts and go through the backlog until everything is in order.

Washi Paper File Folders Make Life Easier

File folders are multifunctional and ideal for use when organizing paperwork and diverse hobbies like scrapbooking. Selecting attractive, durable, environmentally-friendly, and antibacterial folders help protect these folders’ content, whatever they might be.

Edofiber, the Japanese standard-bearer in high-quality Washi paper production, provides all of these benefits and more. The company, a recognized innovation leader in Washi paper production, offers a robust solution: Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders.

Producing Washi paper is a proud tradition, and Edofiber continues to make developments and advancements in their production of this remarkable product. With a history of Thirteen hundred years of continuous use, it’s not surprising that Washi possesses many qualities that make it a formidable competitor in the file folder industry.

Edofiber has advanced the use of Washi paper one step further with its introduction of antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood Paper Files. The specially-treated paper is bacteria-resistant, making it a healthier and safer option than non-bacterial resistant counterparts.

Edofiber offers both antibacterial and non-antibacterial Washi Paper Non-Wood File Folders. The company has worked closely with the Japanese government to reduce plastic use and offer more environmentally-friendly product alternatives throughout the nation. This partnership has helped them develop the expertise to release breakthrough products.

As COVID-19 continues to overpower the headlines and capture attention worldwide, antibacterial file folders are a wise investment. Businesses and organizations, including clinics, schools, and nursing homes, benefit from using antibacterial products as much as possible. Naturally, people working from home or their business office also benefit from keeping their environments germ-free and are sure to appreciate alternatives to traditional folders.

Edofiber antibacterial paper files are printable, and the treatment lasts for several years. The art of filing continues to evolve, as does Washi paper and its many profound uses.

To find out more about Edofiber’s unique antibacterial file folders and how they can help in your pursuit of healthier and more organized living, please visit their website for more information.