Antimicrobial Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Several years back, few people thought twice about touching shared items in the workplace. But since the initial onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the general awareness of bacteria and its impact has grown. Office managers are actively seeking ways to make their environments safe for workers and visitors.

One innovative and timely product is the addition of antimicrobial office supplies for everyday use. There’s no logical reason to rule this product class as anything other than essential. Maintaining a contagion-free environment takes effort across a broad spectrum of areas – standard office supplies that employees touch is no exception.

Discover the Advantages of Antimicrobial Office Supplies

If you don’t know of the benefits of antimicrobial office supplies by Edofiber, here are some of the most notable advantages of their eco-friendly paper products:

  • The embedded antibacterial agent reduces germs by 99%. That alone helps reduce the threat of contagion passing among employees.
  • Bacteria is the leading cause of degradation of paper office products. An antibacterial agent reduces bacterial impact, so they last longer.
  • Antimicrobial agents slow the spread of mildew and mold, which help to maintain a healthier work environment.

Antibacterial paper file folders and printed materials last longer and make it safer for everyone handling them. The cost for upgrading is negligible, especially when you consider the superior quality and other advantages. It’s time to wave and say goodbye to the old way of buying office supplies!

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Fight Bacteria With High-Quality Office Supplies

Standard office paper products are most vulnerable to bacteria. Anything that employees touch represents a potential risk for spreading germs. Paper file folders are risky because they are in constant use in some environments, and bacteria buildup eventually leads to the paper fibers breaking down. That’s why antibacterial file folders are an intelligent office upgrade.

If you’re not familiar with Japanese office supplies, here are a few exciting things to know. The most durable and beautiful of all file folders are Washi paper products. Washi paper has been the top choice for consumers and businesses in Japan for centuries. Now, western nations are discovering their appeal.

Edofiber leads the way by delivering high-quality Washi paper office supplies to global clients. The company’s latest innovation introduces a long-lasting antimicrobial treatment to their line of Washi paper file folders. Unlike competitors who spray their finished product with an antibacterial agent, Edofiber infuses the raw materials directly with the agent for long-lasting protection.

This high-quality agent provides a more durable and safer file folder to keep paper archives in top shape. Not having to replace them as often means your investment in top-quality Japanese office supplies pays off. Implementing antimicrobial file folders shows your employees that you value them, respect their work and that you want to provide the safest working environment.

Covid-19 will remain a top issue moving forward, making it ideal for rethinking how you can improve your workplace’s health and safety.

Put your customer’s and employee’s minds at ease with an initiative to upgrade to the best paper products available in the world today.