Antimicrobial vs. Antibacterial: Explaining the Differences and Benefits

One of the most common misconceptions about antimicrobial and antibacterial products is that they are the same thing. They are not! Antimicrobial means “against microbes,” while antibacterial means “against bacteria.”

The way these words sound alike can confuse you, but luckily this article will clear things up. Read on to learn more about what Antimicrobial and antibacterial products can do to protect your health.

The Benefits Of Antibacterial Products

Antibacterial products are a great way to protect your workplace.

The first thing that antibacterial products do is kill bacteria on contact. So any product with antibacterial properties helps people avoid getting sick from common germs, like colds and flu.

When considering that viruses can live for up to 24 hours on a surface, it is vital to ensure that your environment is as clean and germ-free as possible.

While the COVID-19 was in full swing, people were made more aware of the potential dangers associated with germs, bacteria, and viruses. As such, office managers had to rethink how they approached safety in the workplace.

The regular use of antibacterial products of all types is the perfect solution because they kill bacteria on contact.

The Benefits Of Antimicrobial Products

As people start to get back to work and resume normal activities, employers and office managers must continuously be vigilant about health and safety.

Undoubtedly, antibacterial and antimicrobial sound very much like the same; Antimicrobial offers more durable safeguards against bacteria and other harmful substances.

Antimicrobial products fend off the formation of bacteria that cause illnesses, while antibacterial items only kill the germs on contact.

When you need to ensure the highest level of protection at your workplace, office, and washi paper products from Edofiber, prevent bacteria from growing on surfaces, potentially causing cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial Washi office paper products from Edofiber feature Varcotec Lock 3. Lock 3 is a German graphic varnish integrated directly into the raw material and used as a protective coating. This lacquer has a long-lasting and continuous effect on bacteria, viruses, and coronaviruses.

The antimicrobial properties in Lock 3 utilize the natural process of photocatalysis to combat the spread of germs and viruses. Unlike other technologies that require nanoparticles or biocides to reduce bacteria and infection-causing germs, this one does not.

There aren’t any toxic or mutagenic components, so these products are odorless, aerosol-free, and don’t release any potentially harmful chemicals.

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Ways Edofiber Washi Paper Upholds Hygiene Initiatives

When choosing office supplies, Edofiber washi paper with Varotec Lock 3 provides the following safeguards;

  • Effective in both wet or dry environments.
  • Chemicals and nanoparticles don’t result in leaching.
  • Resistant properties.
  • Fungicidal
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial properties

Edofiber is a pioneer at blending old traditions with new technology to create superior paper and office supplies that meet the highest quality standards.

You might be surprised to learn paper doesn’t have to be made of wood pulp. Japan leads the way in paper solutions to meet the challenges and demands of the modern world. This approach helps empower end-users with access to high-quality paper products that reduce deforestation. Materials including the use of bamboo pulp minimize the need for forest products.

Durable washi paper gets manufactured. Unlike standard paper products made from tree pulp and deforestation, washi is an organic fiber material made from Japanese native wild shrubs like Kozo, Gampi, and Mitsumata. Traditional washi paper has high biodegradability, as the material breaks down and composts back to the earth without disrupting the delicate balance of nature.

Launch Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Initiatives Easily

Companies and organizations seeking to initiate eco-friendly, sustainability, and safety initiatives will find Edofiber Antimicrobial Washi office paper products to support these efforts.

Our partners at the FSC have helped us achieve targets Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help people live cleaner and healthier lives and help the planet to thrive.

The FSC helps achieve sustainable forest management for the world, helping to meet Sustainable Development Goal 15 for Life on Land.

The Forest Stewardship Council’s commitment to sustainable forest management upholds its ten principles in all its activities.

The Forest Stewardship Council established these principles to help promote global sustainability and address some of the critical issues we face today, including poverty, equality, natural resources, production and consumption patterns, and climate change.

Edofiber promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing FSC certified Washi papers to companies in any region of the world that take a significant role in accomplishing these goals.

High-Quality Japanese Washi Paper

Bamboo shoots get cultivated in Kagoshima, which is the largest producer of bamboo shoots in Japan. Bamboo shoots get grown in the ideal environment of the bamboo forest.

The Kawauchi factory of Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. recycles discarded bamboo as a natural pulp replacement and helps the environment. Though most paper companies in Japan rely on imports for their non-wood resources, the Kawauchi factory is the first to focus on domestically sourced materials. For example, the Kawauchi factory collects chopsticks, wood, and bamboo to produce reusable chopstick covers.

In alignment with partners, Edofiber constantly innovates and steams ahead to provide sustainable paper supply solutions for everyday needs and extraordinary times, for diversity in requirements and special situations, for all types of customers and consumers, today or tomorrow.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Products Work Together

Anyone searching for ways to address the concerns of bacteria, germs, and viruses can implement both antimicrobial and antibacterial products.

Antibacterial and antimicrobials work together to protect against bacteria, germs, and viruses, especially when contact is unavoidable or many people are in the area.

When encountering surface-level threats such as E. coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae – antimicrobials can be used to disinfect the surface.

Choosing antimicrobial paper, file folders, and presentation covers help ensure germs and bacteria don’t spread around the office or workplace, supporting healthier employees and office standards.

Currently, Edofiber is seeking partnerships with office product suppliers worldwide who wish to offer high-quality antimicrobial washi paper products.

By doing so, we can create ripples across the environment that are beneficial for people and generations to come.