Washi File Folders: Economical and Environmental

Environmentally Friendly Washi File Folders

Are you searching for ways to streamline your business operations and operate more sustainably? If so, among the first ways to do so is by switching to a more environmentally-friendly paper product. Washi paper, made from natural fibers, has been used in Japan for centuries as a durable and luxurious paper for art and print and storage files. It’s now a standard office supply used by businesses worldwide due to its eco-friendly composition.

What Makes Washi A Unique Replacement For Tree-Based Paper Products

If you’re weighing a switch over from traditional office paper products to more sustainable solutions, Washi paper by Edofiber is unique in the following ways:

  • It is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Made from fibers of Mitsumata, Gampi, and Kozo shrubs, not deforested trees.
  • The long fibers create a luxurious feel.
  • Withstands bending and folding better than ordinary paper.

In addition, washi with antibacterial protection woven into the fibers is healthier for office and home use than traditional paper. This long-lasting protection can help keep your workplace healthier and more sanitary.

Washi Paper And Folders For Commercial Use

Washi antibacterial file folders (also called file jackets) hold up well and protect your documents when in storage, use, or transfer. In schools, offices, and medical facilities, the antimicrobial properties help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

When used in commercial applications like team meetings, office storage, and communications, washi is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional file folders.

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We Have A Duty To Protect The Future And Each Other

When you consider that deforestation contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, it’s easy to see how converting your tree-based paper products to eco-friendly washi products helps the environment.

Fortunately, there is a sustainable alternative to traditional paper – washi paper. The word “washi” means “Japanese paper,” which refers to paper products created with pulp fibers from plants other than trees. For example, Edofiber washi paper products use pulp fiber from Gampi, Kozo, and Mitsumata plants.

These plant species get harvested sustainably. In addition, they regenerate quickly. Using these plant species to create sustainable office and paper products helps preserve forests and protect biodiversity.

As stewards of the planet, we should consider using washi paper products as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper. Not only does it help reduce the impact of deforestation, but it also supports the growth of sustainable plant species.

When you make the switch to washi paper, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping preserve our planet’s sustainability for future generations.

Start Making A Difference With Washi Paper Products

Switching to sustainable washi empowers conscientious business owners to stand against deforestation and its effects. Washi antibacterial file folders are ideal for businesses of any size to make a difference every day.

Washi Paper from Edofiber is certified by The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC. This organization sets forth environmentally sensitive methods of producing paper products, which the United Nations developed to achieve sustainability goals.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 products that are FSC certified.

When you choose washi paper folders, you’re helping preserve the environment around us for future generations.

Antimicrobial Paper: Do You Know the Facts?

Antimicrobial Paper: Do You Know the Facts?

Antimicrobial washi and paper products are relatively new products that many people might not have heard of before. These sustainable products are treated with an antibacterial agent that help reduce exposure and transmission of germs.

If you’re an office manager taking steps to keep your workplace safer and more sanitary, here are some of the practical reasons to consider introducing antibacterial products, including high-quality supplies to your offices.

Antimicrobial office supplies reduce the risk of spreading germs and disease.

With more and more businesses struggling to deal with reduced staffing due to illness, people have more awareness than ever before about spreading bacteria and viruses. By implementing antibacterial products whenever possible, you’re taking proactive steps to provide a safer workplace.

Antimicrobial office supplies are safe for people with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, latex, or other substances.

You might be shocked to discover allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illnesses in the United States. However, when you factor in the unknown number of people sensitive to fragrances and other materials, one factor to consider in selecting antibacterial office supplies are those that are non-allergenic and have no odor.

Antimicrobial office supplies can help prevent the growth of bacteria that cause foodborne illness.

Office workers come into contact with all types of surfaces during the workday. From their lunch to desktops to keyboards, doorknobs, and office folders, there’s plenty of places to inadvertently spread germs that may potentially spread foodborne or airborne illnesses.

You can use antimicrobial office supplies in public spaces such as schools and hospitals to reduce infection rates.

Both publicly held and private companies and organizations, including hospitals and schools, can benefit from switching to more hygienic office supplies for organization and record keeping.

Antimicrobial office supplies may help control the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

According to the CDC, antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose the most significant threat to public health. Data shows antibiotic-resistant bacteria are responsible for spreading an estimated 700,000 illnesses and 23,000 deaths each year in the United States.

Antimicrobial paper may help reduce this risk of exposure to harmful germs from other sources.

Promote a healthier work environment at home.

As recently as April 2021, 52% of Americans reported they always worked from home. With this seismic shift in work habits, implementing habits and using products to promote a healthier work environment has never been critical.

Using antimicrobials in your home helps protect you from harmful germs and diseases while promoting good health practices among your family members.

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Why choose antibacterial products?

Antibacterial and antimicrobial products, including paper products such as Washi file folders, are great examples of office supplies that offer barrier protection against harmful germs. Proven effective in laboratory testing, the antimicrobial agent gets integrated directly into the paper to create the antibacterial benefit.

When looking for antibacterial paper products, it’s a good idea to seek out those that are eco-friendly, and operate within environmentally sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

If you’ve been wondering about the facts behind antimicrobial paper products, we hope this article helped you learn more about the benefits of antibacterial office supplies and paper products.

Fighting The Spread Of Germs With Antibacterial Paper

Fighting The Spread Of Germs With Antibacterial Paper: Edofiber’s Products Help Keep You Healthy

Germs and bacteria are all around us. From the people we meet to the office equipment we use, our environment constantly fights against a microscopic invasion of microbes that can cause illness or infection. The antibacterial paper products from Edofiber help fight back by reducing cross-contamination in your office workspace and helping protect you and those you work with from illness!

Edofiber’s antibacterial paper helps reduce illnesses in offices because it reduces cross-contamination and protects employees from sickness.

Whether you’re reconfiguring your office to be more sustainable or you’re initiating a total offense against the spread of germs and bacteria, washi paper is helpful in many commercial applications, including:

Commercial Printing: Commercial printing remains an important industry. Edofiber antibacterial paper is an excellent choice for printers who want to work with the material to help them reduce cross-contamination.

Commercial Crafting: You may know that washi paper is used primarily for writing letters, yet it has many different applications. With a wide variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses available in Washi products, people can use it for many purposes, including scrapbooking, art, and digital printing. Add to this the durability, absorbency, and longevity, and Washi paper is handy for various crafting projects.

Packaging: When shipping products to customers, the antibacterial paper helps reduce the chance of germ and bacteria transmission. This attention to detail helps build trust and loyalty.

High Volume Office Paper Usage: If your office requires high volumes of paper to print out emails or work documents, the antibacterial form will make these materials more resistant to germs, bacteria, and other potentially harmful viruses.

Food Service Supplies: The COVID-19 crisis shined a light on the foodservice industry as a whole. Edofiber foodservice antibacterial paper products help to reduce the chance of contamination and cross-contamination. Washi paper is made from natural plant fibers, not from wood or lumber sources. Edofiber products are environmentally friendly and very effective at absorbing water, so it is great for dishes in contact with liquids or areas at risk of food accidents.

Washi table mats and chopstick mats make an elegant presentation for any place setting, while folded chopstick covers, inner envelopes, washi mini covers, and paper bands on chopsticks complete the package.

Medical: The use of medical supplies does not have to mean that patients are at a greater risk for infections or illness. Edofiber’s wide range of antibacterial paper products can reduce the spread of viruses by as much as 99.99%!

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Washi Antibacterial Paper Products

Washi paper is an excellent resource for organizing and making notes and being fully antibacterial due to the consistency of its surface. Edofiber recently released a groundbreaking line of Washi antibacterial file folders, which are superior to other antibacterial paper due to our unique manufacturing process.

Edofiber’s unique manufacturing process incorporates natural antibacterial enzymes during the paper production process, so its antibacterial products have a more powerful and long-lasting effect. The antibacterial treatment gets embedded within the fibers of our office file folders, which means that their antibacterial qualities last much longer than competitor’s antibacterial paper products.

Getting Organized with Japanese File Folders

Getting Organized with Japanese File Folders

Organizing paperwork can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to get organized at home. It’s even more difficult when you are sorting through paper files in the office or workplace.

There are many great approaches to streamline your paperwork and keep it tidy, but one of the best methods is by using Japanese Paper File Folders from Edofiber Washi!

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to use these folders for your own organizational needs.

Choose The Right Japanese File Folders

When choosing file folders, selecting durable file folder products helps keep the documents inside pristine. In addition, they should be durable enough to hold up for all your document storage needs.

Japanese file folders made from Washi paper offer durability, beauty, and functionality to keep your paperwork safe. These folders embedded with antimicrobial compounds are an excellent choice for home, office, or workplace organizations.

Antimicrobial Washi paper file folders easily meet or exceed the needs and standards of offices and workplaces where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. Ideal for schools, medical offices, dental clinics, and any offices or workplaces where managers should minimize the spread of germs.

Germ reduction is a valid concern, and Edofiber offers long-lasting antimicrobial protection. The Lock 3 protection gets activated using a photodynamic effect. The principle is quite simple – But its mode of action is ingenious! When exposed to daylight or artificial light, a patented molecule activates the ambient oxygen to destroy and render up to 99% of germs and bacteria harmless.

When you’re already investing time and effort into sorting your documents, there’s little reason to skimp on the file folders you choose to keep your records organized. So why not experience the luxuriousness of Washi paper instead of settling for ordinary and boring manila folders?

After you’ve picked the perfect file folders, here are the following steps to take in organizing.

Sort Your Documents

One of the initial things to do when organizing your paperwork is figuring out which papers you need to keep and which ones aren’t important. Next, sort through what you have and make piles by size or subject matter.

To make things easier, consider creating piles based on the document type – for instance, junk mail, bills, receipts, certificates, customer-related documents, and legal paperwork. Then, as you sort through the papers, place them in the appropriate pile.

You may need to adjust how you sort based on the objective you want to accomplish. For instance, if you’re sorting business documents or you’re an office manager, then you may need to sort through your documents by the department, by the client, by month and year, by alphabetical order, by account status, or other internal sorting requirements.

While it can be time-consuming to go through stacks of unorganized papers and documents, the sense of satisfaction you get when the project gets completed makes it worth the effort.

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Put Your Shredder To Work

Depending on how much paperwork you’ve amassed, the chances are good there’ll be a lot of paperwork that isn’t relevant. Ideally, pledge to recycle as much unneeded paperwork as possible.

While you can safely sort advertisements or promotional ads without too much worry, if you’re going through paperwork with personally identifiable identification, such as social security numbers, account numbers, or other sensitive information should get shredded for identity protection.

With companies and businesses, be mindful of laws and regulations surrounding how long documents must get stored, handled, and destroyed to maintain compliance with local, state, and federal agencies and authorities.

If processing large amounts of expired or unneeded paperwork, there is always the option to outsource the shredding project to a company specializing in providing this service.

Set Up Your Filing System

Once you’ve sorted through essential paperwork, you can create a strategy for your filing system. Tips and tricks to set up your filing system include :

Use a filing cabinet with drawers: Depending on how you need to sort or access stored documents, you might place your sorted and labeled file folders in a cabinet by month, year, document type, or alphabetical order. The more straightforward you are in identifying and sorting, the better! In business environments, filing cabinets with drawers are the best way to keep essential records organized.

Storage file boxes: Storage file boxes are another option for keeping your records safe and secure. Much smaller and portable than a filing cabinet with drawers, storage file boxes have enough capacity to keep your essential documents tucked away. Generally, storage file boxes get made from waterproof and durable plastic. Convenient handles that lay flat when not in use make them portable and easy to stack.

Establish Protocols For Handling New Mail Or Documents

Once you’ve worked your way through all existing mail and documents, you have the headstart to set up a process for new incoming mail or new documents. That’s the time to establish protocols for how you will prioritize and handle your correspondence and documents going forward. There are multiple different options and approaches to addressing this, but here are some tips:

Always open up everything that comes in through email or the postal service first, before anything else. By doing so, you ensure important correspondences don’t get missed or lost.

If working in an office environment, utilize a simple inbox, outbox, and a holding or staging tray for documents or mail that needs to get processed. Avoid letting these trays stack up for days or weeks to avoid hassle and complication.

If needed, construct a decision tree on how each correspondence or document should get handled, and don’t break protocol! If the item is junk, waste little to no time in sending it through recycling or shredding.

Getting Organized with Japanese File Folders

Right now is perfect for launching an organization initiative using Japanese file folders! Japanese file folders are an innovative, functional way to organize your home, office, or workplace. Japanese File Folders by Edofiber are eco-friendly, beautiful, practical, and an effective way to preserve records with less chance of cross-contamination concerns.

For more information on Edofiber washi office supplies, please visit the website!

Antimicrobial vs Antibacterial: Differences and Benefits

Antimicrobial vs. Antibacterial: Explaining the Differences and Benefits

One of the most common misconceptions about antimicrobial and antibacterial products is that they are the same thing. They are not! Antimicrobial means “against microbes,” while antibacterial means “against bacteria.”

The way these words sound alike can confuse you, but luckily this article will clear things up. Read on to learn more about what Antimicrobial and antibacterial products can do to protect your health.

The Benefits Of Antibacterial Products

Antibacterial products are a great way to protect your workplace.

The first thing that antibacterial products do is kill bacteria on contact. So any product with antibacterial properties helps people avoid getting sick from common germs, like colds and flu.

When considering that viruses can live for up to 24 hours on a surface, it is vital to ensure that your environment is as clean and germ-free as possible.

While the COVID-19 was in full swing, people were made more aware of the potential dangers associated with germs, bacteria, and viruses. As such, office managers had to rethink how they approached safety in the workplace.

The regular use of antibacterial products of all types is the perfect solution because they kill bacteria on contact.

The Benefits Of Antimicrobial Products

As people start to get back to work and resume normal activities, employers and office managers must continuously be vigilant about health and safety.

Undoubtedly, antibacterial and antimicrobial sound very much like the same; Antimicrobial offers more durable safeguards against bacteria and other harmful substances.

Antimicrobial products fend off the formation of bacteria that cause illnesses, while antibacterial items only kill the germs on contact.

When you need to ensure the highest level of protection at your workplace, office, and washi paper products from Edofiber, prevent bacteria from growing on surfaces, potentially causing cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial Washi office paper products from Edofiber feature Varcotec Lock 3. Lock 3 is a German graphic varnish integrated directly into the raw material and used as a protective coating. This lacquer has a long-lasting and continuous effect on bacteria, viruses, and coronaviruses.

The antimicrobial properties in Lock 3 utilize the natural process of photocatalysis to combat the spread of germs and viruses. Unlike other technologies that require nanoparticles or biocides to reduce bacteria and infection-causing germs, this one does not.

There aren’t any toxic or mutagenic components, so these products are odorless, aerosol-free, and don’t release any potentially harmful chemicals.

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Ways Edofiber Washi Paper Upholds Hygiene Initiatives

When choosing office supplies, Edofiber washi paper with Varotec Lock 3 provides the following safeguards;

  • Effective in both wet or dry environments.
  • Chemicals and nanoparticles don’t result in leaching.
  • Resistant properties.
  • Fungicidal
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial properties

Edofiber is a pioneer at blending old traditions with new technology to create superior paper and office supplies that meet the highest quality standards.

You might be surprised to learn paper doesn’t have to be made of wood pulp. Japan leads the way in paper solutions to meet the challenges and demands of the modern world. This approach helps empower end-users with access to high-quality paper products that reduce deforestation. Materials including the use of bamboo pulp minimize the need for forest products.

Durable washi paper gets manufactured. Unlike standard paper products made from tree pulp and deforestation, washi is an organic fiber material made from Japanese native wild shrubs like Kozo, Gampi, and Mitsumata. Traditional washi paper has high biodegradability, as the material breaks down and composts back to the earth without disrupting the delicate balance of nature.

Launch Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Initiatives Easily

Companies and organizations seeking to initiate eco-friendly, sustainability, and safety initiatives will find Edofiber Antimicrobial Washi office paper products to support these efforts.

Our partners at the FSC have helped us achieve targets Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help people live cleaner and healthier lives and help the planet to thrive.

The FSC helps achieve sustainable forest management for the world, helping to meet Sustainable Development Goal 15 for Life on Land.

The Forest Stewardship Council’s commitment to sustainable forest management upholds its ten principles in all its activities.

The Forest Stewardship Council established these principles to help promote global sustainability and address some of the critical issues we face today, including poverty, equality, natural resources, production and consumption patterns, and climate change.

Edofiber promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing FSC certified Washi papers to companies in any region of the world that take a significant role in accomplishing these goals.

High-Quality Japanese Washi Paper

Bamboo shoots get cultivated in Kagoshima, which is the largest producer of bamboo shoots in Japan. Bamboo shoots get grown in the ideal environment of the bamboo forest.

The Kawauchi factory of Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. recycles discarded bamboo as a natural pulp replacement and helps the environment. Though most paper companies in Japan rely on imports for their non-wood resources, the Kawauchi factory is the first to focus on domestically sourced materials. For example, the Kawauchi factory collects chopsticks, wood, and bamboo to produce reusable chopstick covers.

In alignment with partners, Edofiber constantly innovates and steams ahead to provide sustainable paper supply solutions for everyday needs and extraordinary times, for diversity in requirements and special situations, for all types of customers and consumers, today or tomorrow.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Products Work Together

Anyone searching for ways to address the concerns of bacteria, germs, and viruses can implement both antimicrobial and antibacterial products.

Antibacterial and antimicrobials work together to protect against bacteria, germs, and viruses, especially when contact is unavoidable or many people are in the area.

When encountering surface-level threats such as E. coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae – antimicrobials can be used to disinfect the surface.

Choosing antimicrobial paper, file folders, and presentation covers help ensure germs and bacteria don’t spread around the office or workplace, supporting healthier employees and office standards.

Currently, Edofiber is seeking partnerships with office product suppliers worldwide who wish to offer high-quality antimicrobial washi paper products.

By doing so, we can create ripples across the environment that are beneficial for people and generations to come.

Custom Antimicrobial Paper Products

Custom Antimicrobial Paper Products

Preventing the spread of germs at the workplace is a top priority for companies worldwide. Eliminating bacteria reduces the chance workers become ill, making for a safer, healthier, more productive business environment.

One switch that companies are making to adapt to the increased awareness of germs in the workplace is introducing antimicrobial paper products to their paper filing systems. It’s a logical evolution because standard paper products are vulnerable to collecting germs whenever they get handled.

Edofiber, a global leader in paper product manufacturing, provides custom antimicrobial office supplies to its worldwide client base that helps prevent germs from lingering or spreading.

Washi paper by Edofiber is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material for paper office supplies. Their antimicrobial paper products last longer than alternatives by embedding an antibacterial agent directly into the product instead of applying a coat of the agent at the end of production.

Unleash the Power of Customization

Customized paper products are excellent for branding and corporate messaging. And washi paper products are loved all over the world because of their luxurious aesthetic appeal. Adding custom images and text truly makes these antibacterial file folders your own.

Branding elements on printed materials offer several benefits:

  • Custom printed materials reinforce the main company message.
  • Printed paper items increase the messaging’s reach, providing a longer “shelf life” than digital encounters.

Custom antimicrobial paper products by Edofiber combine custom printing’s inherent benefits with germ-fighting properties. Working in an office is often stressful enough, without additional concerns about an unsafe environment. As companies move to improve their safety and hygienic procedures in the era of COVID-19, a transition to the use of antibacterial paper products wherever possible is inevitable.

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Take Charge in the Battle Against Germs and Bacteria

Slowing the spread of germs, bacteria, and illness will remain an ongoing battle. Office managers will need to review their policies concerning paper files and other shareable paper archives to ensure employees, clients, and partners’ health and safety. The use of antibacterial paper and office supplies is a powerful tool in the fight against germ spread.

If the antimicrobial properties aren’t groundbreaking enough, the fact that it’s Washi is even better. Washi paper is a national treasure in Japan. With centuries of history behind it, this product continues to thrill office suppliers and their customers everywhere. Edofiber has a lasting commitment to the environment and producing the highest quality Washi paper products, including its antimicrobial paper file folders line.

Source High-Quality Paper Products From an Eco-Friendly Manufacturer

Office suppliers who want to secure a consistent supply of the finest quality Washi custom paper product have the opportunity to partner with Edofiber. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, you can count on us to produce the finest paper products to meet the needs of your discerning business clients.

Japanese office supplies are highly coveted and remain popular with people who appreciate tradition and high-quality eco-friendly paper products.

Washi is a durable, luxurious, and gorgeous paper stock that’s ideal for personal, business or organizational use.

If you want more information about offering these innovative paper products and office supplies to your customers, please contact Edofiber about partnership opportunities today!

Paper File Folders with Innovative Antimicrobial Qualities

Paper File Folders with Innovative Antimicrobial Qualities

Antimicrobial products are in demand, and that’s no surprise because of how they help reduce bacteria and lengthen the lives of paper products. The agent eliminates 99% of the common germs and bacteria found in offices. That’s fantastic news for two fundamental reasons.

Firstly, these file folders contribute to a safer workplace. Folders shuffled around from hand to hand are a threat to anyone who handles them. Antibacterial properties help prevent the spread and propagation of potentially harmful germs, bacteria, and microbes.

Secondly, these folders are durable and attractive, so they are a definite upgrade from standard folders that are worn or potentially contaminated.

Why Do Antimicrobial File Folders Make a Difference?

Reducing 99% of bacteria is a win, no matter which department accomplishes it. Most companies are looking for every way possible to reduce the chance of spreading viruses. Following a guideline of recommendations will eventually lead to all traditional paper products getting upgraded to antibacterial versions.

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Is Washi Paper a Good Choice for File Folders?

Washi paper is an excellent choice for file folders because of its notable advantages. Washi is superior to most alternatives.

The Japanese love of penmanship and ink is why Washi paper grew as the most loved material for authors, writers, and office workers. The material has a distinctive visual appeal, is durable, and captures the written word and images well. Companies looking to showcase their brand in the best light enjoy Washi paper file folders because of their stunning aesthetics.

Another admirable quality of Washi paper is the production of this material doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Washi comes from the fibers of several bushes grown sustainably in fields. That’s significant! Edofiber is the only paper manufacture that has achieved Forest Stewardship Council certification for its environmentally-friendly paper products.

Are Japanese Office Supplies as Luxurious as People Say?

Edofiber has a line of antibacterial file folders that adds modern innovation to the lengthy history of high-quality Washi paper. Japanese office supplies are excellent because companies like Edofiber understand their customer’s needs and demands. Japanese office supply purchasers have long been considered the most critical and quality-oriented people in the business. Their desire to offer the best has inspired paper manufacturers like Edofiber to continue delivering industry-leading products.

Office suppliers who are looking for groundbreaking new products should reach out to Edofiber at once. Japanese file folders, especially antibacterial ones, are in high demand. Edofiber is always interested in working with new partners, and your most discerning customers will love Washi paper file folders’ visual superiority. This strategic partnership can help you grow your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.

Using paper file folders with innovative antimicrobial properties aligns your business with healthier workplace initiatives.

Washi file folders look better and last longer, making them a better long-term investment. Why settle for traditional paper products that are harmful to forests and don’t hold up to rugged office use? The less often you need to replace folders, the less time and money you’ll have to spend sorting or replacing them. Upgrade to antimicrobial protection with beautiful Washi paper file folders and discover why business owners love these products.

Antimicrobial Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Antimicrobial Office Supplies for Everyday Use

Several years back, few people thought twice about touching shared items in the workplace. But since the initial onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the general awareness of bacteria and its impact has grown. Office managers are actively seeking ways to make their environments safe for workers and visitors.

One innovative and timely product is the addition of antimicrobial office supplies for everyday use. There’s no logical reason to rule this product class as anything other than essential. Maintaining a contagion-free environment takes effort across a broad spectrum of areas – standard office supplies that employees touch is no exception.

Discover the Advantages of Antimicrobial Office Supplies

If you don’t know of the benefits of antimicrobial office supplies by Edofiber, here are some of the most notable advantages of their eco-friendly paper products:

  • The embedded antibacterial agent reduces germs by 99%. That alone helps reduce the threat of contagion passing among employees.
  • Bacteria is the leading cause of degradation of paper office products. An antibacterial agent reduces bacterial impact, so they last longer.
  • Antimicrobial agents slow the spread of mildew and mold, which help to maintain a healthier work environment.

Antibacterial paper file folders and printed materials last longer and make it safer for everyone handling them. The cost for upgrading is negligible, especially when you consider the superior quality and other advantages. It’s time to wave and say goodbye to the old way of buying office supplies!

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Fight Bacteria With High-Quality Office Supplies

Standard office paper products are most vulnerable to bacteria. Anything that employees touch represents a potential risk for spreading germs. Paper file folders are risky because they are in constant use in some environments, and bacteria buildup eventually leads to the paper fibers breaking down. That’s why antibacterial file folders are an intelligent office upgrade.

If you’re not familiar with Japanese office supplies, here are a few exciting things to know. The most durable and beautiful of all file folders are Washi paper products. Washi paper has been the top choice for consumers and businesses in Japan for centuries. Now, western nations are discovering their appeal.

Edofiber leads the way by delivering high-quality Washi paper office supplies to global clients. The company’s latest innovation introduces a long-lasting antimicrobial treatment to their line of Washi paper file folders. Unlike competitors who spray their finished product with an antibacterial agent, Edofiber infuses the raw materials directly with the agent for long-lasting protection.

This high-quality agent provides a more durable and safer file folder to keep paper archives in top shape. Not having to replace them as often means your investment in top-quality Japanese office supplies pays off. Implementing antimicrobial file folders shows your employees that you value them, respect their work and that you want to provide the safest working environment.

Covid-19 will remain a top issue moving forward, making it ideal for rethinking how you can improve your workplace’s health and safety.

Put your customer’s and employee’s minds at ease with an initiative to upgrade to the best paper products available in the world today.

Japanese File Folders Feature Unique Benefits

Japanese File Folders Feature Unique Benefits

Japan is a country that’s always held writing and inking paper in high regard. Their enduring tradition of creating artful paper presentations live today, with much thanks to Washi paper.

Edofiber is a leading Japanese Washi paper manufacturer who recently broke ground by launching an antibacterial file folder with distinctive benefits. While most manufacturers who offer antibacterial products use a spray-on treatment after production, Edofiber embeds the germ-fighting antibacterial agent directly into the raw materials, providing a better level of protection against germ spread.

Washi antibacterial office supplies have grown in popularity as more people learn about their paper products’ benefits. Embedding a powerful antibacterial agent deep within the paper fibers reduces the spread of harmful bacteria. Enterprises with significant paper filing systems are vulnerable to bacterial spread. For best results, they should consider implementing as many safety measures as possible to protect employees and curtail germ spread in the workplace.

What’s So Special About Washi Paper?

Washi paper is a part of Japan’s long love affair with pen and ink, exemplified by calligraphy’s fine art. People are passionate about high-quality writing materials to this day, and Japanese office supply buyers are some of the world’s most demanding. Their love for buying the best possible office supplies has pushed manufacturers to perfect the production processes to meet today’s demanding market.

Washi paper differs from other papers because it’s not a forest-derived product. The primary raw resource used to produce Washi comes from shrubs that grow in fields. These materials don’t contribute to deforestation. As you might imagine, that’s beneficial in a world where forests need protection.

Consumers and business managers who want to lessen their carbon footprint will find Washi paper and office supplies are durable, eye-catching, and hygienic. All of these traits are advantageous in workplace settings.

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Japanese File Folders Represent the Best Value

Japanese file folders represent a strong value proposition for office supply buyers who want to extend their product offerings. Washi paper by Edofiber is a proven product with international appeal and an excellent reputation. As one of Japan’s oldest, most trusted, and established Washi paper manufacturers, Edofiber is a strong partner for office suppliers who want to offer clients forward-thinking and innovative office products.

Customized antimicrobial paper products are an excellent way to build your brand. Adding brand and messaging elements to antibacterial file folders reinforce your image, separating your enterprise from others.

Edofiber uses many printing techniques to ensure the highest visual and print quality levels on custom folders. If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to make the switch to the high-quality and universal appeal of Washi paper file folders.

Embedded with antibacterial agents, they help protect everyone who handles them from spreading germs.

Edofiber’s unique treatment procedure produces a long-lasting effect while retaining the artful properties of the paper. Japanese file folders are in a class of their own.

With health and safety, a primary concern of employers and business owners everywhere, the demand for antibacterial paper file folders is sure to increase demand.

If you sell office supplies and you’re interested in offering these products to your customers, reach out to Edofiber today for more details.

Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products

Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products

Antimicrobial paper products are in high demand due to increased awareness about the problems associated with a bacterial spread. Microbes and germs commonly cause illness to spread.

The use of antimicrobial products helps slow or outright stop the spread of nasty microorganisms, including viruses, fungi like mildew and mold, protozoans, and bacteria.

Another significant downside for paper products exposed to microbes is that it degrades the physical structure, leading to staining. Stains and imperfections make the paper look old, worn, and unappealing.

When evaluating the use of antibacterial products, two prime benefits must get considered:

  • Microbe-resistance eliminates and stops the spread of damaging microbes, limiting their adverse impact on humans.
  • Antibacterial agents prevent microbes from staining, causing odor and product degradation.

Office managers who wish to uphold the strictest standards in safety and health should consider upgrading their supplies to include innovative antimicrobial paper products.

How do Antibacterial Materials Work?

Surfaces that contain antimicrobial agents hinder microorganisms’ ability to grow and lessens the bacterial count. Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 virus created an increased demand for antimicrobial products in every modern office. Unfortunately, any surface or item handled or used by employees poses a potential risk for viral spread.

By replacing traditional paper with antimicrobial alternatives, you’re taking steps to prevent germ spread within your home office or business environment. When you weigh the negligible cost of having this protective agent on your documents and office paperwork, the benefits make it worth the added expense.

For companies who continue to use paper filing systems for compliance or recordkeeping, implementing antimicrobial file folders as a replacement for traditional file folders is a starting point.

If you decide to embark on a larger scale project to sanitize your office, replacing older, less sanitary file folders with antibacterial properties is worth considering.

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Paper Products Benefit From Antibacterial Treatment

Almost all paper products benefit from antibacterial treatment. Industries like food, packaging, medical, and office supplies need sanitary office products to ensure a hygienic environment – paper products with antimicrobial protection ingrained in the pulp yield excellent results in office settings.

It was just a matter of time until Washi paper, Japan’s traditional paper product, was combined with an antibacterial agent to reduce common bacteria. Edofiber, long a leader in paper manufacturing, offers a line of an antibacterial paper file folder that’s popular with office supply purchasers worldwide.

Edofiber infuses its antibacterial agent directly into its raw materials at the beginning of production, which results in a long lifetime for microbe-fighting properties. That gives customers more value and confidence in purchasing. Office supply buyers always want a combination of features to ensure they’re getting the best solution available. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and antibacterial treatment are a winning combination.

New Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products Continue to Emerge

Companies that were once reluctant to use antimicrobial paper products are more willing to try them since COVID-19 captured worldwide attention. The disruption to global businesses and life this pandemic caused further emphasizes the need to clean and sanitize.

Employees, customers, clients, and visitors are sure to appreciate this attention to care and detail.

Worker Wellness Requires Germ Spread Reduction and Proper Planning

The safety of employees is always a pressing business matter. Companies that want to recruit the best employees benefit from maintaining a clean and secure work environment, including an actionable plan for reducing bacterial loads and germ spreading.

Offices are a potential hotbed of germ activity. One employee can quickly spread germs in these enclosed spaces by sneezing, coughing, talking nearby, or touching surfaces with unsanitized hands.

Even more worrisome, people who touch their faces after handling contaminated items or surfaces can become infected with conditions ranging from the common flu to COVID-19. Offices must recognize this potential for contamination because most studies show influenza and related viruses survive two to four hours after exposure.

Companies that should incorporate the use of antibacterial paper products include the following.

  • Doctors Offices
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Medical Clinics
  • Business Offices
  • Dental Practices
  • Schools
  • Long Term Care And Assisted Living Facilities

All of these enterprises have a responsibility to keep visitors, workers, and vendors safe.

Essential Methods to reduce germ loads may include any of the following strategies.

Safety Is Now the Top Business Priority

A recent survey by HR company Oasis showed that safety was the number one priority for companies looking to reopen or remain open. That means these businesses are ready to discuss the myriad benefits of antibacterial paper products. Edofiber seeks new partners who want to offer high-quality paper file folders and paper products embedded with microbial fighting properties.

Combining the traditional strong points of Washi paper with innovative antibacterial treatment makes robust and distinctive office supply products that meet modern businesses’ needs to stop disease transmission. There’s little chance any companies will be allowed to ignore worker wellness from now on if they plan on staying open for business. The poor outcomes experienced by countries worldwide during the current pandemic ensure that guidelines and regulations concerning surface and paper products will likely expand to include antibacterial treatments.

High levels of surface bacteria are causing significant problems. Introducing a solution in the form or upgrading to antibacterial paper file folders makes sense and ensures that the worker wellness program continues to expand. Paper file systems provide a hard copy archive and are integral for many companies. Protecting workers that handle the files is possible thanks to a multipronged, multidisciplined approach.

You Can Count on Edofiber to Deliver Innovative Paper Products

Edofiber has been manufacturing Washi for as long as there’s been an industry devoted to mass-producing Japan’s traditional paper. To accomplish that task on a broad scale, the company developed numerous ground-breaking tactics that modernized the production process, which was once one hundred percent manual. That same spirit of innovation led to the breakthrough antibacterial paper file folders.

Edofiber utilizes many various printing techniques on Washi Paper, which result in stunning final presentations. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, we remain committed to sustainability and worker wellness. If you’re looking to add high-quality Japanese paper products to your current lineup, contact us for more information on partnerships.