Custom File Folders Cure Chaos

Custom File Folders Cure Chaos

For companies who want a cure for the chaos of unruly paperwork and enjoy authentic Japanese office supplies’ functionality, choosing Edofiber file folders is a savvy business decision. With a lengthy and impressive operating history and tons of practical experience making traditional Washi paper products, they lead the custom file folders market.

Customers Love the High-Quality Japanese Manufacturing Tradition

One of the most enduring, lasting, and admirable features of Japanese office supplies from Edofiber is the manufacturing process uses non-wood materials, making them more environmentally friendly than their traditional paper counterparts. Edofiber excels in this product category, and their company has achieved recognition with “Chain of Custody Certification” from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Consider the many uses of file folders to see why durability is essential. It’s no wonder Washi paper file folders remain a bestseller in the Japanese office supply industry. In environments where keeping paperwork organized is a priority, Washi paper cures the chaos.

Ideal for personalization and branding, custom file folders are great for company presentations and other printed applications that require branding and controlled messaging. When choosing custom file folders, it’s wise to focus on the product’s manufacturing quality and environmental-friendliness, both issues that indicate whether you’re buying from a top manufacturer or not.

Edofiber Combines Timeless Processes With Today’s Modern Forest-Friendly Standards

Japanese office supplies are praiseworthy for their quality, stemming from a long operating history of following traditional, effective manufacturing methods. Washi paper has been continuously used for twelve hundred years, proving itself to be an invaluable natural resource.

People who use Edofiber’s Washi file folders are sure to enjoy their luxurious feel. Not only that, they look incredible and are durable. They’re less expensive than versions made from paper or wood pulp.

At a time when people have become increasingly aware of the dangers of bacteria and viruses, Edofiber introduces a groundbreaking development – antibacterial file folders.

Worldwide office suppliers searching for new innovative products to offer their corporate and business clients are sure to find a partnership with Edofiber beneficial for extending product lines. Washi antibacterial file folders help to promote a healthier and more sanitary workplace.

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Ideal For All Environments Of All Types

Filing systems are vital for small businesses, home offices, and large private and governmental office operations. When planning a bulk buy, purchasers share many of the same concerns. After feeling the effects of a public health crisis, slowing the spread of germs and bacteria is more important than ever.

Edofiber revolutionized a process that injects antibacterial protection directly into the Washi paper during manufacturing. These long-lasting antibacterial properties help to protect anyone who handles the folders from spreading germs. Alternative file folders that only have a protective spray have a shorter lifespan.

Edofiber partners and resellers enjoy the benefits of providing valued clients with products that meet higher standards. FSC-Certification is a leading sales benefit that helps to close deals with organizations following green initiatives.

Meet Market Demands Offering Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders

Extend and expand your product line to meet today’s business needs’ demands by offering Edofiber office supplies. Undoubtedly, by providing a game-changing product line, you gain an edge over the competition. More importantly, you play a crucial role in helping your customers conquer the chaos in their offices with antibacterial file folder solutions.

Customers always appreciate the attention to detail that goes into creating the world’s leading paper file folders. Japanese office supply manufacturing, steeped in tradition, remains an integral part of the local and global economy.

Edofiber specializes in manufacturing and printing custom file folders as part of its Japanese office supplies line. The line itself is impressive and represents an opportunity for people who offer them to their customers. Business is all about relationships, and nothing builds and maintains those better than supplying high-quality products that deliver on their promise to what they’re supposed to without fail.

Antibacterial File Folders Make Presentations Safer

Employers are well-served to invest in eco-friendly and clean office supplies whenever possible. Antibacterial paper file folders help you operate with more confidence. These folders keep your workers protected while assisting them in organizing documents for presentations and projects in production. Everyone is concerned about bacteria and germs, and antibacterial file folders are the most innovative way to keep minds at ease.

Touching items in an office environment is more concerning now that everyone is aware of the potential health risks of spreading the flu, viruses, and other contagions in the workplace. People are right to have concerns about how they, and others, may spread germs. Every employer who wants to diminish their exposure to unwanted contaminants is wise to use antibacterial file folders to store and share pertinent documents and information. Taking this step removes one layer of concern when implementing a strategy to keep a clean and healthy office.

Staying Organized Is a Priority for Almost Every Business

File folders are fantastic for organizing your daily routines and crucial business tasks.

  • Filing is a perfect way to increase your productivity. That gives you extra time to work on more critical tasks.
  • Staying organized allows you to reduce your stress levels.
  • You never have to be late again for an appointment.
  • Proper filing ensures you readily meet your deadlines.

Ultimately, people and organizations that use paper file folders stay on top of the game. They’re looking for reliable office supplies that uphold tradition while blazing new trails. Edofiber is the type of enterprise that never rests on its laurels, preferring to continue perfecting and innovating eco-friendly products that help solve problems.

Protecting people and paper documents is straightforward with file folders. Washi paper, particularly the antibacterial kind, is ideal for filing and storing essential paper documents.

Custom file folders are limited only by your imagination. Companies and organizations can brand them and personalize them as needed, making them flexible for almost any purpose. Choose Edofiber as your preferred manufacturer, and please your demanding customers with ease.

Potential partners would be happy to learn a bit about the history of Edofiber, a subsidiary of Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd. Since 1928; the company has been using innovative processes to produce traditional Japanese paper products. Companies who want to distribute Washi paper for commercial applications are encouraged to contact the partnership information team today.

Our Japanese File Folders Are FSC Certified

Our Japanese File Folders Are FSC Certified

Few people downplay the significant risk that climate change poses for the world. Many businesses and organizations are taking the problem seriously and are rising to the challenge of adopting strict standards for product production that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the excellent ways to implement a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and resource attainment is through certification. While becoming FSC Certified is challenging, it is a worthy certification because following the requirements improves the environment.

Tenents Of The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

FSC is an integral part of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It’s vitally important for companies that rely on timber and other natural resources from the forest to create their final products. The U.N.’s fifteenth goal relates to life on land and the symbiotic relationship with humankind and nature, emphasizing proper stewardship of the world’s finite resources.

Deforestation is a massive concern due to the devastation it wreaks on the ecosphere. Organizations that meet Forest Stewardship Council standards are doing their part to ensure that these worst-case scenarios never happen. Companies that use forest resources need to heed the warnings and risks of deforestation and the emergence of deadly zoonotic diseases.

Forest Stewardship Helps Ward off Severe Environmental Problems

The forest is incredibly essential to humans, especially the 1.6 billion of them who depend on forests to earn their living. Seventy million indigenous people worldwide are dependent on forest ecosystems for every aspect of their existence. An astounding eighty percent of earth’s species live in such woody environments!

The Forest Stewardship Council is devoted to maintaining partnerships with companies that utilize earth’s forestry resources to do it responsibly. For the enterprises that sign on to the agreement, meeting requirements help minimize their carbon footprint and to preserve as many natural resources as possible.

The result of meeting and exceeding exacting standards, exceptional attention to maintaining traditional manufacturing techniques, and innovation help Edofiber lead the market in Washi paper products. The Chain of Custody Certification the company holds ensures a high-level commitment to forest stewardship.

FSC Chain-of-Custody certification is essential because it proves that products take a precise path from their forest origin to the final destination. FSC-certified materials stand out from alternatives because it remains distinctly separate through each life cycle phase. For Edofiber’s customers, it means they gain added confidence that the Washi file products and other forest-derived products receive proper handling according to the U.N. sustainability standards.

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Discover FSC-Certified Japanese File Folders

Japanese office supplies benefit from sustainable production. Japan, a country that’s well-known internationally for its vibrant business community, is a nation that consumes a significant share of forest derived resources as part of its economic output.

Washi file folders and custom file folders are popular with companies, many of whom are now highly concerned about environmental issues. Growing awareness among global business leaders about the dangers of poor resource management is spurring the rapid development of innovative techniques that emphasize avoiding deforestation and its subsequent problems.

Washi File Folders Are Beautiful and Durable

It requires paper to produce Washi file folders, meaning that traditional shrubs remain the primary source material. Edofiber, who manufactures a significant amount of these file folders, meets its responsibility to ensure that the forests remain viable, no matter how many they sell. Without sustainable forest stewardship practices, it’s possible to strip too many resources, causing a wide variety of mishaps. Avoiding that outcome remains a significant concern.

Washi file folders never lose their popularity and are suitable for companies of all sizes. Edofiber has gained a reputation for selling high-quality folders that meet and exceed requirements. These durable products help organize records neatly, keeping businesses running smoothly. Since this type of manufacturing has been going on for over twelve centuries, it’s evident that sustainability has long been a goal for Japanese manufacturers like Edofiber.

Custom file folders are another popular offering that sells in large volumes. Forest stewardship becomes even more paramount for large-scale manufacturers who consume many forest resources. The certification is not a meaningless slip of paper. Instead, it’s public documentation that proves whether a company believes in ensuring eco-friendly practices through every step of the supply chain.

Washi paper not only lasts a long time, but it also has aesthetic appeal. Beautiful file folders are a centerpiece for modern offices that maintain paper documents for internal purposes. They are also beneficial for small business and home offices, where an easy-to-understand filing system is harmonious with objectives.

Edofiber’s Commitment to Sustainability and Traditional Quality Ensure the Highest Quality File Folders

As a central tenet for a file folder maker, Forest stewardship should give anyone extra confidence in purchasing products from them. Companies who care for our planet’s diminishing resources are helping ensure a future for everyone. They are also indicating their desire to remain as a long-term industry leader who addresses problems head-on.

For their part, the U.N. is strict with their certification requirements, so there’s little chance fly by night firms could maintain standards for acceptance. Company owners and organizational leaders who want to ensure they’re purchasing the best possible file folders are smart to learn how FSC-certification protects their interests. Manufacturers who aren’t willing to invest the money and resources to maintain certification will not care about their products’ sustainability.

With a thick and absorbent texture, Washi is an ideal medium for multiple printing processes. Edofiber carries a complete line of products that use Washi, including file folders. The company possesses unique skills to process and print on Washi. Letterpress Printing, High-definition Offset Printing, Thin Paper Printing, Seal Printing, and Laminating are methods the company uses to produce Washi paper products that look amazing while lasting for a long time.

As the first Forest Stewardship Council certified Washi makers in the world, Edofiber continues to produce file folders that are the centerpieces of organized offices. Companies that rely on paper file folders and want the best can find it among the company’s product lines. The issue of deforestation is not one that will disappear anytime soon. Consumers who understand the case’s essential nature will want to stay on the side of dealing with environmentally responsible manufacturers.

Edofiber plans on leading the way for Washi paper manufacturers who only use certified resources that make their way through a strictly regulated supply chain. That decision means you will always get the best possible quality custom file folders and Washi file folders.

What Is Washi Paper?

What Is Washi Paper?

Long prized for its strength, textures, and functionality, Washi paper is a traditional piece of Japanese cultural heritage which has been produced for over 1,400 years. Here at Edofiber, we are proud of our work updating this time-honored art form for modern printing needs.

Washi: A Traditional Japanese Art

Washi is traditionally made from kozo and mitsumata and the wild gampi, woody plants that gave this form of paper some very unique advantages. Compared with modern mass-produced papers, Washi has always been tougher, stronger, more absorbent, flexible, and much longer-lived.

Traditionally, Washi was manufactured by means of a 22-step process, which included steaming the woody branches of the kozo, mitsumata, and gampi to facilitate stripping the bark. The fibers from the bark became the basis for Washi paper.

Each of the three woody plants used in making Washi is associated with its own particular style of Washi. By far the most common type is Kozo Washi, made from a type of mulberry. This type of Washi is famous for its strength, durability, and wonderful textures and ability to absorb ink. It is in many ways the most archetypal Washi, the one that embodies everything that Washi is.

Mitsumata Washi, on the other hand, is a delicate and elastic type of Washi. Known for its softness and flexibility, this type of Washi has a glossy appearance and is perfect for calligraphy and for printing paper.

Finally, Gampi Washi is particularly good at taking colors from dyes and infusions. This makes it the best choice for envelopes, stationery, postcards, business cards, and colored papers.

Manufacturing Washi Paper

Washi was made by hand in numerous Japanese villages for many centuries. This time-honored process included 22 different steps, by means of which the fibers were cleaned, beaten until soft, mixed with a starchy ingredient called tororo aoi, and eventually separated, brushed, and dried.

The result was a beautiful, luxurious Washi paper that was the pride of scribes, scholars, poets, and monks over the course of many centuries in Japan.

Although traditional Washi is beautiful as well as highly functional, the process of making it is far too laborious to ever be practical on a large scale. Recognizing this, Edofiber and its parent company, Nagai Paper Store, developed an innovative means of producing machine-made Washi paper.

Nagai pioneered a way of processing Washi paper that drew on the best aspects of the traditional process and harmonized them with modern mass-production technology.

The result is a beautiful and functional Washi paper, one which features unique textures that can only be found in Washi paper. Edofiber’s Washi products range from thick and durable to delicate and thin.

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Uses for Washi Paper

These many different textures have been created to facilitate an equally broad range of uses for Washi. It is ideal for everything from craft supplies to printing and packaging solutions.

Washi craft supplies include envelopes, file folders, scrapbook design paper, and many more. Washi envelopes can be designed custom for weddings and other events.

The perfect paper for scrapbooking and craft work, Washi comes in many different colors. It is ideal both because of its ability to hold color and because it is strong and not prone to ripping or tearing.

Washi is also ideal for artisan work, such as calligraphy. With its luxurious textures and superior absorbency, Washi makes for crisp, clear, beautiful calligraphy.

These same advantages also lend it well to printing, including digital printing and digital presses. There are a variety of printing uses to which Washi can be put, and it is better than conventional paper in this regard because it is better able to produce crisp, clear text and images as well as being more durable.

Edofiber has a variety of printing solutions which include letterpress printing, high-definition offset printing, and seal printing, as well as laminating Washi. Whatever your printing needs, Washi can deliver in a way that conventional office papers simply cannot meet.

Washi also has other practical uses outside of the office. It is remarkably effective as clothing protection: lightweight and yet strong and flexible, it is the ideal material to use for clothing protectors to keep out moths and other pests that pose threats to clothing when in storage.

Washi repels moths and other pests, keeping clothing in storage safe for long periods of time – and without any chemicals, like those used in mothballs.

Washi is also ideal for office solutions, again particularly because of its textures and ability to fix colors. Whether you are seeking to wrap a package or put it in a Washi box, the presentation will be highly aesthetic and impressive.

Washi’s durability and flexibility also make it perfect for file folders, envelopes, stationery, and other office supplies. It is strong enough to make for good, tough file folders and envelopes, and these attributes and its flexibility and ability to absorb color make it ideal as stationery.

Washi’s combination of features mean that it is a particularly good idea if you are looking for custom office supplies, i.e. with a company watermark or symbol. Use Washi for your office supplies, and you will be impressed by the remarkable combination of function and aesthetics.

Finally, many restaurant products, including placemats, chopstick covers, and more, are also highly applicable to Washi. Edofiber produces Washi products for these and many other needs: because Washi is both strong and flexible, it is optimal for these and many other needs.

Edofiber is your Source for Washi Paper

Washi paper is a traditional Japanese art form which remains highly relevant to modern printing needs. Whether you are interested in scrapbooking or restaurant products or office supplies, Edofiber has a Washi solution that can help you solve your problem.

Best of all, Washi combines the highly aesthetic with the highly practical: particularly compared with mass-produced office paper, it is both very beautiful and very functional – arguably far more so than any other paper.

From stationery to envelopes to placemats to gift boxes, Washi’s particular combination of durability, flexibility, absorbency, and luxurious textures make it the perfect solution for a wide variety of paper-based needs.

Washi Digital Paper: Traditional Meets Modern

Washi Digital Paper: Traditional Meets Modern

Washi digital paper is a cutting-edge, modern version of Japan’s famous traditional paper.

Long prized for its strength and absorbency, modern Washi paper is ideal for digital printing. Compared with regular paper, its greater absorbency and luxurious textures mean better printing jobs, with more vivid, beautiful colors and crisper images and text.

In designing this paper, we at Edofiber have taken great pains to reproduce the best aspects of traditional handmade Washi in a modern paper that is economical for mass production, while working to make our production process and the final product environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Traditional Washi

Washi paper was made by hand in Japanese villages for many hundreds of years, having been introduced from China around 610 CE by Buddhist monks.

Historically, the traditional process incorporated textile-like aspects, lending Washi a strength and beauty that would be unimaginable in any other paper. This traditional Washi continues to be prized for many artistic purposes.

This traditional Washi production continues in a number of Japanese villages today, but it is far too labor-intensive to ever be practical for mass production. For us to bring Washi to the office and modern digital printing, we had to find a better way.

Bringing Tradition into Modern Times

Together with our parent company Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., we have been manufacturing machine-made Washi since 1955.

Our process required a harmonious fusion of traditional quality and modern efficiency: we took the traditional Tesuki process of making Washi by hand and found a way to mechanize it without detracting from the incredible qualities of this traditional paper.

The result is beautiful Washi paper with luxurious textures and excellent absorbency, available for large-volume orders all around the world.

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Modern Washi Paper for Modern Printing Needs

What do you look for in paper? Whether you are looking to print out brochures, menus, programs, memos, or anything else, you need a paper that is versatile, strong, and able to handle a variety of different printing jobs to a high standard of quality.

Our Washi paper is perfect for fulfilling your modern printing needs. It combines durability, beauty, strength, and highly desirable textures.

One of the things that is most notable about Washi is how long it will last: highly durable, sheets of Washi endure far longer and preserve the quality of the print job far longer than conventional paper.

Washi holds colors far better than conventional paper, making for bright, crisp printing jobs. Use it for all of your digital printing needs: it is more than adequate for any printing job.

Finding a Japanese Washi Paper Supplier

Here at Edofiber, we are proud of our historic place as one of the largest distributors of Washi paper in the whole of Japan. We are on the lookout for business partners in both the United Kingdom and the United States, companies who are interested in buying and distributing our Washi digital paper.

Our product beautifully blends the traditional quality and aesthetic appeal of the age-old handcrafted Washi with mechanized efficiency, making a paper that is at once traditional and modern.