Custom Antimicrobial Paper Products

Preventing the spread of germs at the workplace is a top priority for companies worldwide. Eliminating bacteria reduces the chance workers become ill, making for a safer, healthier, more productive business environment.

One switch that companies are making to adapt to the increased awareness of germs in the workplace is introducing antimicrobial paper products to their paper filing systems. It’s a logical evolution because standard paper products are vulnerable to collecting germs whenever they get handled.

Edofiber, a global leader in paper product manufacturing, provides custom antimicrobial office supplies to its worldwide client base that helps prevent germs from lingering or spreading.

Washi paper by Edofiber is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material for paper office supplies. Their antimicrobial paper products last longer than alternatives by embedding an antibacterial agent directly into the product instead of applying a coat of the agent at the end of production.

Unleash the Power of Customization

Customized paper products are excellent for branding and corporate messaging. And washi paper products are loved all over the world because of their luxurious aesthetic appeal. Adding custom images and text truly makes these antibacterial file folders your own.

Branding elements on printed materials offer several benefits:

  • Custom printed materials reinforce the main company message.
  • Printed paper items increase the messaging’s reach, providing a longer “shelf life” than digital encounters.

Custom antimicrobial paper products by Edofiber combine custom printing’s inherent benefits with germ-fighting properties. Working in an office is often stressful enough, without additional concerns about an unsafe environment. As companies move to improve their safety and hygienic procedures in the era of COVID-19, a transition to the use of antibacterial paper products wherever possible is inevitable.

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Take Charge in the Battle Against Germs and Bacteria

Slowing the spread of germs, bacteria, and illness will remain an ongoing battle. Office managers will need to review their policies concerning paper files and other shareable paper archives to ensure employees, clients, and partners’ health and safety. The use of antibacterial paper and office supplies is a powerful tool in the fight against germ spread.

If the antimicrobial properties aren’t groundbreaking enough, the fact that it’s Washi is even better. Washi paper is a national treasure in Japan. With centuries of history behind it, this product continues to thrill office suppliers and their customers everywhere. Edofiber has a lasting commitment to the environment and producing the highest quality Washi paper products, including its antimicrobial paper file folders line.

Source High-Quality Paper Products From an Eco-Friendly Manufacturer

Office suppliers who want to secure a consistent supply of the finest quality Washi custom paper product have the opportunity to partner with Edofiber. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, you can count on us to produce the finest paper products to meet the needs of your discerning business clients.

Japanese office supplies are highly coveted and remain popular with people who appreciate tradition and high-quality eco-friendly paper products.

Washi is a durable, luxurious, and gorgeous paper stock that’s ideal for personal, business or organizational use.

If you want more information about offering these innovative paper products and office supplies to your customers, please contact Edofiber about partnership opportunities today!