Discover the Benefits of Washi Office Supplies

When stocking your office, you’ll find office supplies ranging from low-quality through the top shelf, with every other level in between. The reason for this wide range of products is to appeal to a broad market of buyers. Every individual values them differently. For some, they’re happy with the least expensive alternatives to keep expenses low. They’ll settle for a worse product that doesn’t last as long.

However, many other enterprises are aware that sourcing higher quality office supplies is worth the added effort and small expense. Found at the top are Washi office supplies, with a longstanding tradition of eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Washi supplies are known for their aesthetic appeal and durability, a perfect combination of value.

What Makes Washi Paper So Good?

Long favored by Japanese royals for their official communications, Washi achieved almost legendary status in Japan.

Washi is environmentally friendly because it comes primarily from the Mitsumata shrub and the Kozo shrub, cultivars, and the Gampi plant, which grows aggressively in the wild. The means of production and the base resource material give Washi its distinctive features, and the paper excels for many uses.

Washi is useful for producing a wide range of office supplies, including:

  • Envelopes
  • Digital Printing Paper
  • File Folders
  • Scrapbook Design Paper

Edofiber, as a leading manufacturer of Washi paper products, has perfected making large amounts of Washi at an affordable price. Office supplies are a high-demand product, and the traditional ways of making Washi paper and supplies by hand are difficult to scale. However, after one hundred years in the business, the company manufactures Washi paper supplies to meet the standards of excellence that customers demand.

The Japanese people and government consider the Washi paper to be a national cultural treasure. It’s a source of pride because it has proven itself a medium for simple office communications and legitimate artworks for centuries.

That fact is unlikely to change anytime soon, and new markets have yet to learn about this remarkable product. Office supplies continue to evolve to meet consumers’ needs, and Washi paper products promise to lead the way.

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Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders Are a Timely Solution

The global Coronavirus pandemic has taught businesses the value of maintaining hygienic offices. The risk of infection for employees rises when hygiene habits get overlooked. Most companies now realize that they can’t have oversights if they plan to manage a healthy workplace. For businesses in search of solutions that increase hygiene and reduce the spread of bacteria, the state of the art antibacterial file folders offered by Edofiber is an excellent solution.

Capitalize on New Trends

Antibacterial Washi paper file folders are a leading new product line available to office supply sellers seeking new revenue streams. The pandemic has changed how many people perceive safety and cleanliness in the workplace, and companies are setting new standards to ensure worker safety. When you combine those factors, it’s ideal to approach customers with an innovative offering that addresses a far-reaching problem.

Companies that sell office supplies must continuously refresh their vendors and inventory. Adding new product lines such as Washi paper supplies extends your offerings to target customers searching for groundbreaking products. Washi paper has gained an international reputation, and with an impressive history, it virtually sells itself. High quality, sustainable manufacturing processes make it appealing to people and corporate executives who are environmentally conscious. Add all of these factors to the beauty and durability these products offer, and you see why this new line has the potential to become your latest bestseller.

Edofiber has been a leader in the Washi paper industry for decades. The company is proud to offer leading office supplies produced using innovative manufacturing processes. Washi paper made the Edofiber way uses sustainable methods, ensuring high-grade office supplies that last. That commitment to excellence is the reason customers love their products. If you’re looking to add to your existing office supply offerings, contact us for more partnership information.

Antibacterial Washi Paper Is a Leap Forward for Office Safety

From now on, most workplace managers will be emphasizing safety. Their workers and clients want to know that they’re dealing with an operation that pays strict adherence to health principles and guidelines. Antibacterial paper products fill that need and will grow in popularity. Edofiber’s technique differs from competitors who merely spray on an agent after they make their paper. Instead, Edofiber infuses the antibacterial agent directly into the raw materials, giving it a much longer life.

Massive enterprises that rely on paper filing systems purchase enormous amounts of file folders. Now’s the time to approach them with the merits of Washi supplies. Adding antibacterial file folders is smart and will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the environment. As part of an overall approach to bring down the transmission of infections, that is no small measure.

Custom File Folders Are Excellent for Branding

Custom file folders are also an excellent product. Most enterprises understand branding’s power, so adding custom graphics and logos to their office supplies helps with branding efforts. Edofiber has a wide range of options for printing on Washi paper, including the following.

  • Thin Paper Printing
  • Letterpress Printing
  • High-definition Printing
  • Laminate
  • Seal Printing

Edofiber can fulfill custom orders, no matter how large. Paper supplies continue to be crucial for many enterprises, especially those requiring paper archives of their cloud-based documents.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Washi Paper

Another notable advantage of paper products by Edofiber is that they are environmentally friendly. Edofiber is the first Forest Stewardship Council certified Washi makers in the world. The remarkable thing about Washi is that the raw materials come from shrubs, which are grown in fields and not in forests. Gaining the FSC certification ensures that all production methods and sourced materials are sustainable. Forest ecosystems don’t get negatively impacted.

With everything going on globally, now is the best time to explore the value that Washi paper office supplies offer.

As a partner, you have access to groundbreaking products that are sanitary, attractive, and durable. Paper products by Edofiber give you a competitive edge as a sales partner. Contact us today for more information.