Fighting The Spread Of Germs With Antibacterial Paper: Edofiber’s Products Help Keep You Healthy

Germs and bacteria are all around us. From the people we meet to the office equipment we use, our environment constantly fights against a microscopic invasion of microbes that can cause illness or infection. The antibacterial paper products from Edofiber help fight back by reducing cross-contamination in your office workspace and helping protect you and those you work with from illness!

Edofiber’s antibacterial paper helps reduce illnesses in offices because it reduces cross-contamination and protects employees from sickness.

Whether you’re reconfiguring your office to be more sustainable or you’re initiating a total offense against the spread of germs and bacteria, washi paper is helpful in many commercial applications, including:

Commercial Printing: Commercial printing remains an important industry. Edofiber antibacterial paper is an excellent choice for printers who want to work with the material to help them reduce cross-contamination.

Commercial Crafting: You may know that washi paper is used primarily for writing letters, yet it has many different applications. With a wide variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses available in Washi products, people can use it for many purposes, including scrapbooking, art, and digital printing. Add to this the durability, absorbency, and longevity, and Washi paper is handy for various crafting projects.

Packaging: When shipping products to customers, the antibacterial paper helps reduce the chance of germ and bacteria transmission. This attention to detail helps build trust and loyalty.

High Volume Office Paper Usage: If your office requires high volumes of paper to print out emails or work documents, the antibacterial form will make these materials more resistant to germs, bacteria, and other potentially harmful viruses.

Food Service Supplies: The COVID-19 crisis shined a light on the foodservice industry as a whole. Edofiber foodservice antibacterial paper products help to reduce the chance of contamination and cross-contamination. Washi paper is made from natural plant fibers, not from wood or lumber sources. Edofiber products are environmentally friendly and very effective at absorbing water, so it is great for dishes in contact with liquids or areas at risk of food accidents.

Washi table mats and chopstick mats make an elegant presentation for any place setting, while folded chopstick covers, inner envelopes, washi mini covers, and paper bands on chopsticks complete the package.

Medical: The use of medical supplies does not have to mean that patients are at a greater risk for infections or illness. Edofiber’s wide range of antibacterial paper products can reduce the spread of viruses by as much as 99.99%!

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Washi Antibacterial Paper Products

Washi paper is an excellent resource for organizing and making notes and being fully antibacterial due to the consistency of its surface. Edofiber recently released a groundbreaking line of Washi antibacterial file folders, which are superior to other antibacterial paper due to our unique manufacturing process.

Edofiber’s unique manufacturing process incorporates natural antibacterial enzymes during the paper production process, so its antibacterial products have a more powerful and long-lasting effect. The antibacterial treatment gets embedded within the fibers of our office file folders, which means that their antibacterial qualities last much longer than competitor’s antibacterial paper products.