Four Solid Reasons To Upgrade To Antibacterial Paper Products

Almost everyone now understands the essential need to put hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront of business maintenance. The Covid-19 crisis was a swift teacher to all organizations that neglecting sound hygienic practices is a significant mistake. Now, savvy business managers and office leaders are looking for additional ways to safeguard their employees and workers from germs, virii, and bacteria.

Edofiber is leading the way for Washi manufacturers by introducing a new antibacterial paper product that answers the call for health-conscious offices. These days, it’s not only schools and medical centers that care about reducing bacterial load. Small offices, home office operations, and commercial settings of all sorts face mandates that ensure they keep things safe for visitors, customers, and employees. Antibacterial paper products are ideal in helping achieve those goals.

It Takes Work to Reduce the Spread of Germs

Regular cleaning and maintenance is a primary tool to reduce bacterial loads. It’s an especially crucial practice anywhere where many hands will touch surfaces. Most companies share paper products among people, so adding antibacterial properties reduces exposure to common germs. Edofiber has combined Washi paper’s beauty and durability with a long-lasting antibacterial agent to introduce environmentally-friendly paper products.

There are many benefits for companies to increase their attention to providing a healthy and safe work environment.

  • Workers have better peace of mind, which keeps their morale boosted. This fact alone is essential during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Employees also benefit from knowing their employers are committed to providing safe working conditions. Nobody wants to catch a potentially-deadly disease due to employer negligence.
  • Compliance issues will increase over time, so it pays to stay on the right side of emerging issues at all times. The government may continue to institute new policies concerning the workplace, so following best practices is one way to stay attuned.

When discussing personal health, it’s worth mentioning that the well-being of the environment is also vital. That’s why environmentally-friendly products continue to gain in the marketplace. Edofiber’s innovation, antibacterial Washi paper, meets both goals equally. The company is Forest Stewardship Council certified due to its strict adherence to guiding principles that outline the best way to keep forests healthy when manufacturing paper products.

Fans of paper file folders will appreciate the beauty and benefits of our robust line of offerings.

  • Available in US Letter size and A4 Size.
  • Customers have their choice of unprinted ivory or plain white.
  • These are ideal for custom printed designs.

High-quality and durable, Washi paper is also globally known for its inherent beauty. Antibacterial treatments make it safer to the touch by slowing down the rate germs are transmitted. As part of a compelling overall approach to maintaining a safer environment, these forms of treatment make a ton of sense.

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Antibacterial Paper Is an Effective Way to Improve Your Filing System

There are no good reasons to avoid upgrading to antibacterial paper products now that they’re available. People have legitimate concerns about lingering germs, so it’s an easy way to allay their fears. No single method will ever prevent germs from spreading, but a multi-faceted approach represents moving in a positive direction. As countries and companies attempt to restrain Covid-19 and its impact, every little bit of effort will help.

The CDC has been explicit about its advice for making the workplace safer. They have five guidelines to ensure safety:

  • A responsible party should conduct daily health checks
  • A hazard assessment of the workplace can turn up additional areas that need improvements.
  • The managers must encourage employees to wear masks or cloth face coverings while at work
  • Develop practices and policies for consistent social distancing
  • Make an effort to improve the building’s ventilation system

Naturally, part of the hazard assessment will end up focusing on items that multiple employees touch. Safeguarding the paper filing system is one more area that they should address. The enterprises that rise to the challenge of combatting Covid-19 stand to gain a competitive edge over rivals who ignore the peril. Following guidelines is always excellent practice for businesses and organizations. Still, real rewards go to those firms that are willing to commit to the process of making their workplaces better than average when it comes to hygiene and health practices.

High-Quality Washi Paper File Folders Make the Workplace Safer

The Covid-19 crisis threatens to linger on much longer. In that case, any efforts to improve corporate standards will be crucial. Companies that show little enthusiasm for safeguarding the workplace will have a hard time attracting and retaining talent, and they may end up facing fees and censure. Governments worldwide have shown a willingness to shut down operations that they deem unsafe, and that trend may accelerate.

Edofiber continues to innovate its Washi product line, with antibacterial file folders being a recent addition to their lineup. These file Washi paper file folders retain their luxurious and aesthetic appeal while providing the additional benefit of bacteria resistance. Washi is a traditional paper product made from the Gampi, Kozon, and Mitsumata shrubs.

These shrubs remain popular sources for Washi paper because they have fibers, which are exceptionally suited for durability. Edofiber uses a unique method to infuse the antibacterial agent directly into the paper fibers. This simple method makes the properties last longer than the normal process of spraying the file folder’s surface.

By embedding the antibacterial treatment deep within the Washi paper, our antibacterial properties last for years compared to competitor file folders. For people looking to source a high-quality line of paper file folders, these benefits should be enough to win them over. Although it may be tempting to purchase low-quality, non-treated alternative products from competitors, it makes little sense in the face of a pandemic.

Custom Folders Offer Flexibility

Washi paper products remain a traditional Japanese classic. Custom printed antibacterial file folders make a strong statement for companies. Adding your branding to Washi antibacterial paper folders gives your filing system a distinctive look with extra protection.

Edofiber is always growing its network of business clients globally. Please find out how we can help you grow your business by offering state of the art antibacterial paper products.