Innovative Antimicrobial Paper for Office Supplies

The subject of combatting germs in public settings like schools, office buildings, and restaurants lead the globe in 2020. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to change as the crisis continues, making more people seek new solutions and approaches to reduce germs, bacteria, and the spread of infection.

Antibacterial Washi paper is an innovative solution that marries centuries-old tradition with modern-day germ-fighting technology.

What Is Washi Paper?

Few printing materials have ever earned the stellar reputation of Washi. That’s because this traditional Japanese paper has distinct advantages not possessed by alternatives.

  • Washi paper derives from sustainable natural resources.
  • Washi is more durable than alternatives.
  • The end product is well-suited for a variety of printing methods and makes a dramatic presentation.

These benefits fuel the global interest in Washi paper office supplies, which continues to grow in popularity. The most recent innovation to Washi is Edofiber introducing an antibacterial agent that is long-lasting and slows germs’ spread.

The use of Washi is culturally essential for the Japanese. Working with Washi paper is a UNESCO-registered Japanese craft due to its enormous impact on local culture. The durable and aesthetically appealing nature of Washi paper is the reason it rose so high in eminence. Many Japanese crafts and arts, which rely on pen and paper, feature Washi paper due to its high-quality presentation.

Why Is Washi Popular for Offices?

Washi, which once saw usage mainly in Japan, is now gaining ground in markets like the United Kingdom and the United States. Office managers there are learning what their Japanese counterparts have long known. Washi paper is environmentally-friendly, durable, and looks fantastic.

Washi paper products are ideal for presentations due to their beauty. Custom printing services help expand the possibilities to include company branding and corporate messaging. For businesses that care about their image, using this paper is appealing.

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How Can Washi Antibacterial Paper Help My Business?

Adding antibacterial Washi paper office supplies is a wise decision for any enterprise because it helps fight bacterial spread while being environmentally sustainable. Paper file folders go through multiple hands, so applying an antibacterial agent protects employees. Edofiber’s file folders not only hold aesthetic appeal but they’re also exceptionally long-lasting.

For companies that sell office supplies, adding antibacterial Washi paper file folders is a straightforward way to increase revenues and market share with clients who appreciate high-quality and innovation. It’s an excellent way to introduce your business to new potential clients who may be looking for new solutions.

Right now, office managers are seeking office supplies that cut down on germ spread, and that’s where antibacterial file folders enter. Paper archives are useful for many enterprises, and fighting germs is now a top priority. Antibacterial file folders empower these companies to maintain their filing systems positively.

What Makes Edofiber’s Antibacterial Paper File Folders Different From Alternatives?

Edofiber produces Washi paper file folders with an antibacterial agent they infuse directly into the raw materials before paper production begins. That way, its effects are longer lasting than alternatives, which spray the substance on during the last stage of the production process.

Edofiber maintains an environmentally sustainable mindset that makes our products unique. We use non-wood paper and recycled vegetable ink to produce spectacular paper products that set standards. Thanks to our commitment to Washi paper, we’re the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturers.

Why Is Washi Paper Good for Forest Health?

Using Washi paper in place of wood-based paper products reduces stress on the world’s overburdened forests. Washi paper comes from three primary sources, the inner bark fibers of the Mitsumata shrub, the Gampi tree, or the Paper Mulberry bush. These raw materials grow on fields in Japan, not in the forest. Edofiber, as an FSC-Certified paper manufacturer, goes one step further to ensure that they don’t use forest-sourced materials during any production phase.

Why Is FSC Certification Crucial for Paper Manufacturers?

Standard wood-based paper manufacturers put enormous stress on the world’s forests. This adverse impact is significant because of the role forests play in the lives of nearly one billion people worldwide. The world loses seven million hectares of forest every day, which brings a myriad of problems with it. That’s the reason that paper producers need to commit to sustainability, like Edofiber. Doing so will immediately improve the lives of people and animals who rely on forests to thrive.

The COVID-19 Pain Point Continues to Grow

Businesses worldwide continue to introduce initiatives to slow down the transmission of virii and germs in the workplace. OHSA has introduced Workplace Guidelines for companies to improve worker safety. Companies are beginning to address nearly all aspects of their operations to ensure the best policies. Adding antibacterial paper file folders is another fantastic way to improve the workplace, especially at companies that maintain significant paper folder archives. These enterprises will want to take every step possible to ensure compliance in every department.

Edofiber Combines Tradition With Innovation

Paper office supplies continue to be a mainstay for numerous companies and organizations. So many of the products look the same and have almost identical features. Edofiber’s Washi paper products are distinctive and stand out from competitors thanks to tradition and innovation. Contact us to learn about our products. We’re always looking for global partners who want to expand the diversity of their offerings rapidly.

Office supplies remain a staple for record-keeping organizations. The need for antibacterial versions of popular products will skyrocket as companies continue to fight the spread of Covid-19. Awareness about spreading germs has never been higher, so it’s an excellent time to help customers secure their workplaces. The stakes are high, and most businesses are committed to using best practices to allow their operations to remain open.

Edofiber has been producing Washi paper for decades and has perfected the manufacturing process while staying true to delivering the qualities that made it famous. Remaining loyal to sustainable manufacturing processes while maintaining the highest quality standards keeps the best Japanese paper products coming. Antibacterial Washi paper office supplies promise to open even more doors to companies who want to experience the difference.