Introducing Antibacterial Washi Paper File Folders for the Times

When you think of Washi paper, thoughts of Japanese traditions immediately come to mind. However, simply because this form of paper-making has been around for so long, don’t let it confuse you about multiple innovations that are transforming the art.

One such breakthrough we’re proud to announce is our introduction of Washi paper with an antibacterial infusion. The process of creating the final product in this manner is exciting. First, we infuse a proprietary antibacterial ingredient directly into our standard manufacturing process.

This process increases effectiveness, and the paper performs better than directly spraying antibacterial catechin onto the paper’s surface, like most other manufacturers. Our method is superior because infused catechin always lasts much longer, maintaining its antibacterial qualities.

Get Ready for Innovative New Washi Products

Our first offering in the antibacterial Washi paper product line is the Washi file folder. File folders are ideal for dental or medical offices thanks to the antibacterial property, which significantly reduces the transmission of bacteria and contaminants. Add to that impressive feature the pure elegance of Washi paper, and you have a genuine industry-leading product designed to outlast competitor’s products.

The most popular file folders are typically plastic, which puts enormous stress on the environment. Worldwide plastic production is now 333.5 million tons, up three times since 1990. Companies dump 79% of that plastic waste illegally directly in oceans and landfills. Plastic file folders are extremely popular in Japan, so our new Washi paper file folders are the ideal solution for reducing this problem. Our file folders use Washi paper that’s approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Washi Paper for Sustainability

The Covid-19 pandemic is altering how people live and do business. Hygiene is of the utmost concern in offices, schools, and clinics. Washi paper folders are aesthetically pleasing and help protect against the spread of germs and contaminants.

If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to consider the benefits of using FSC-approved Washi paper made file folders in your environment.

Antibacterial agents get added during the manufacturing process, instead of applying it to the surface later. That makes the antibacterial properties useful for years.

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Print Ready For All Your Needs

Edofiber antibacterial file folders are suitable for printing at home on standard printers. We have corner-rounded designs available for those who prefer that format and for use at facilities with infants.

Now, more than ever, people have genuine concerns about spreading viruses. Alleviate their fears with antibacterial Washi paper file folders that are beautiful, durable, and have germ-fighting properties. Edofiber remains committed to being the world’s leader in sustainable Washi products, and our file folders continue that tradition.

Get More for the Same Price

We’ve worked extra hard to keep our prices affordable for our product, even though it requires extra steps during production. We use a customized machine that automates the entire production process, including cutting the folders at the end. Our machinery investment has allowed us to keep prices at the same point as the ordinary paper file folders.

Whether you need a couple of hundred units or thousands of antibacterial file folders, we’re here to deliver!

Contact us to ask for more information on this groundbreaking new product that keeps your establishment healthier and safer.