Japanese File Folders Feature Unique Benefits

Japan is a country that’s always held writing and inking paper in high regard. Their enduring tradition of creating artful paper presentations live today, with much thanks to Washi paper.

Edofiber is a leading Japanese Washi paper manufacturer who recently broke ground by launching an antibacterial file folder with distinctive benefits. While most manufacturers who offer antibacterial products use a spray-on treatment after production, Edofiber embeds the germ-fighting antibacterial agent directly into the raw materials, providing a better level of protection against germ spread.

Washi antibacterial office supplies have grown in popularity as more people learn about their paper products’ benefits. Embedding a powerful antibacterial agent deep within the paper fibers reduces the spread of harmful bacteria. Enterprises with significant paper filing systems are vulnerable to bacterial spread. For best results, they should consider implementing as many safety measures as possible to protect employees and curtail germ spread in the workplace.

What’s So Special About Washi Paper?

Washi paper is a part of Japan’s long love affair with pen and ink, exemplified by calligraphy’s fine art. People are passionate about high-quality writing materials to this day, and Japanese office supply buyers are some of the world’s most demanding. Their love for buying the best possible office supplies has pushed manufacturers to perfect the production processes to meet today’s demanding market.

Washi paper differs from other papers because it’s not a forest-derived product. The primary raw resource used to produce Washi comes from shrubs that grow in fields. These materials don’t contribute to deforestation. As you might imagine, that’s beneficial in a world where forests need protection.

Consumers and business managers who want to lessen their carbon footprint will find Washi paper and office supplies are durable, eye-catching, and hygienic. All of these traits are advantageous in workplace settings.

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Japanese File Folders Represent the Best Value

Japanese file folders represent a strong value proposition for office supply buyers who want to extend their product offerings. Washi paper by Edofiber is a proven product with international appeal and an excellent reputation. As one of Japan’s oldest, most trusted, and established Washi paper manufacturers, Edofiber is a strong partner for office suppliers who want to offer clients forward-thinking and innovative office products.

Customized antimicrobial paper products are an excellent way to build your brand. Adding brand and messaging elements to antibacterial file folders reinforce your image, separating your enterprise from others.

Edofiber uses many printing techniques to ensure the highest visual and print quality levels on custom folders. If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to make the switch to the high-quality and universal appeal of Washi paper file folders.

Embedded with antibacterial agents, they help protect everyone who handles them from spreading germs.

Edofiber’s unique treatment procedure produces a long-lasting effect while retaining the artful properties of the paper. Japanese file folders are in a class of their own.

With health and safety, a primary concern of employers and business owners everywhere, the demand for antibacterial paper file folders is sure to increase demand.

If you sell office supplies and you’re interested in offering these products to your customers, reach out to Edofiber today for more details.