Japanese Office Supplies Combine Tradition With Innovation

Japan is a country recognized for honoring traditions. Unlike other cultures, the Japanese aren’t always looking for the newest and shiniest thing. Instead, they prefer to refine their work to the point of perfection. That attention to detail and long-term advancements are the primary reason why the demand for Japanese paper supplies is growing worldwide.

In Japan, handwriting has always been a highly valued art form. That’s been the case for over one thousand years, and the love of perfect penmanship translates into a broad appeal for the highest quality paper to showcase creative work. This built-in demand for the best quality paper products pushes Japanese paper manufacturers to set the highest standards.

Japanese paper supplies have several advantages. First, the product uses the best raw materials for superior quality. Additionally, stunning design and durable binding make the final presentation of any work completed look professional and polished. Japanese consumers, especially those in the business sector, pay special attention to all these crucial details. Japanese office supply manufacturers like Edofiber strive to keep in step with trending demands in the marketplace.

Office suppliers and sales organizations can benefit from adding Japan’s world-famous office supplies to their product offerings. These products meet the scrutiny of clients who demand durability and aesthetic appeal when deciding their purchase. Business enterprises that keep and rely on paper files and documents need a reliable source of office supplies, including file folders and stationery, which creates the perfect sales call opportunity for vendors looking to reach new clients.

Tradition Is Made Better by Innovation

Since Japanese office supply customers have high standards, the leading manufacturers must continue to innovate to satisfy their requests. Although following established traditions is essential, it’s equally crucial to innovate and develop unique spins on current, top-selling products. Edofiber understands this requirement and continues to not only make products that are of traditional high-quality, but they go one step further innovating to make them even better.

An example of this technique is the antibacterial Washi paper file folders the company offers. Edofiber infuses the raw materials with a powerful antibacterial agent. Most of their competitors instead add the agent to the final product. The way Edofiber does it is unique and offers the distinct advantage of making the germ-fighting properties much longer-lasting.

Custom Printed Paper Office Supplies Provide Top Value

Custom printing is always popular for office supplies is custom printing. Whether it’s for simple branding or more complicated artistic efforts, adding ink to Washi paper results in a polished, beautiful presentation. Consumers everywhere on earth value and appreciate products that add value, and that’s one reason the demand for Washi never wains.

Not surprisingly, based on the commitment to excellence in paper production, Japan is the world’s third-leading supplier of office products by volume. Edofiber has a long history as a paper manufacturer in that country, dating back nearly one hundred years. The first part of the company’s name originates from Tokyo, which was once called Edo. Fiber naturally refers to the raw materials that make Washi so strong.

With so many years in business, the company began to expand to overseas locations, including the United States and the United Kingdom. As more customers learn about Japanese office supplies‘ advantages and benefits, they’re becoming a staple in those essential consumer markets.

Edofiber continues to rely on demanding customers’ feedback to create compelling paper products for their needs. Working with international vendors and sales teams, the company has helped provide offices and companies in these territories with their high-quality paper products and office supplies. Vendors who partner with Edofiber get the opportunity to offer exciting, innovative, and eco-friendly office supplies to their clients, helping them to establish a promising new revenue stream.

With a track record of selling in other markets, new partners in the US and UK can move ahead with a pitch for their most demanding customers to introduce them to Japan’s best office products.

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Consider Why Washi Paper Is Still So Popular

Very few office supply products have an over eleven hundred year history like Washi paper. For all that time, Washi has been revered by people for its beauty and craftsmanship. It’s an extremely durable paper and one that’s well-suited for print. Crisp images and text add to branding elements and the overall appeal, ensuring it exudes Washi quality.

Edofiber is one of Japan’s largest Washi manufacturers and the first-ever Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer. This designation is noteworthy because paper production is one of the leading causes of forest decline. Companies that uphold the Forest Stewardship Council’s standards do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and other negative impacts on the environment.

Office Supplies From Japan Have High Demand

Office supplies made in Japan hold a large market share due to total customer satisfaction and meeting the highest standards. Edofiber takes those principles and builds upon them further, adding innovation, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to quality. We’re seeking partnerships with vendors who want to expand their product lines, so contact us now if you’re interested.

Ever since Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., our parent company, first mechanized the Washi paper production process, we have sought to expand global market share through partnerships. The ambition to continue to bring Washi in line with current times through unveiling and upgrading techniques continues to yield results. As long as consumers seek new innovative products, there will always be new areas to explore, especially for time-tested products like Washi paper.

Japanese paper and office supplies uphold a well-deserved reputation in business circles. Since Washi paper is intertwined in Japan’s natural culture and makes people proud, it ranks highly with all who use it. Durability and beauty only add to the reasons it’s a worthwhile investment for business operations.

Paper Office Supplies Remain a Stalwart

Office supplies, including paper file folders, are useful for keeping an offline archive of their critical files. Even if the industry you’re in doesn’t require them, it’s advantageous to augment digital and cloud storage solutions.

But the issue with traditional paper is it requires fresh trees and timber for production. Without sustainable manufacturing, the planet is at risk.

The longstanding Japanese tradition of making sustainable and eco-friendly office supplies continues. Our spirit of innovation, combined with a commitment to excellence, provides international sales partners with groundbreaking new products to grow your lines and revenue streams.