Japanese Office Supplies Earn Their Reputation for Quality and Beauty

Products made by Japanese manufactures have earned a global reputation for reliability, precision, and durability. It took decades of consistent production to reach that pinnacle, and now people order with confidence.

Japanese office supplies are gaining popularity worldwide with people who appreciate aesthetics and their durable nature. Washi paper and other stationary types hold high esteem due to their adherence to traditional manufacturing processes.

Japanese stationery is garnering interest from people well outside of its traditional sphere of influence. As modern consumers become more interested in planners, calligraphy, study tools, and journaling, it’s no surprise they run directly into the proud Japanese tradition of producing stellar stationery and office supplies. Japan became famous for its paper products because of the processes they follow when manufacturing Washi. This variety of paper products is a durable and beautiful final product ideal for use and presentation.

Fine Paper Is the Result of Attention to Detail

Japanese stationery leads the way because of its excellent quality. With a thoughtful and inspiring design, customers who demand the highest quality when putting pen to paper, washi paper rises to the occasion every time. A craftsman is sure to appreciate the fruit of their work when working with Washi paper.

As it relates to manufacturing, it takes committed teams of engineers and designers scrutinizing every last detail to produce reliable, attractive, and worthwhile products.

Japanese Traditional Paper Manufacturing Respects Writing as Art

The art of Japanese calligraphy taught generations of people high standards for writing in Japan. Washi paper helps artists adhere to their demands for superior paper products. Washi paper products are gorgeous and very durable, making them ideal for saving drawings and written documents. Japanese traditions have always shown respect for penmanship, even elevating it to an art form. Making beautiful calligraphy, or “shodo,” requires an admiration for detail and craft.

Writing and record keeping remain essential tasks for millions of people. Although most people complete a great deal of work on computers and handheld devices, many love the feel of pen and paper. Washi paper products, including file folders and stationery, give people a natural canvas for making prints or showcasing their work.

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Edofiber Supports Forest Preservation Using Sustainable Strategies

Edofiber is a highly regarded Japanese paper manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience bringing the best products to customers. They hold the highest honor of being one of the only international paper manufactures which have received Forest Service Council certifications. The company rigorously adheres to a set of detailed environmentally-friendly practices to help preserve these natural resources for the immediate future and future generations.

Over eighty percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, which cover thirty-one percent of the world’s land area. Perhaps most dramatically of all, over 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood or survival. That’s why proper stewardship of forest resources, especially by paper manufacturers, is so important.

Consumers who value eco-friendly products and sustainability are sensible to do business with companies that share these values. The forest needs a commitment from everyone in the product value chain to ensure production principles that support a thriving planet. Edofiber is proud of its dedication to FSC principles and the eco-friendly products the company produces.

Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has several advantages, including adding a luxurious feel to office supplies, setting them apart from ordinary files. One of Washi’s most distinguishing features is the raw materials used to create the product, including fibers from Hemp, Bamboo, Rice, the Mulberry Bush, the Gampi Tree, or the Misumata Shrub.

Standard paper products rely on natural resources derived from wood for production. Additionally, they don’t aren’t as durable or beautiful as Washi. That’s one reason why office suppliers choose to sell these compelling products. Edofiber, a company that has long been a leader in developing innovative new products, has recently added antibacterial Washi paper to its offerings.

This product introduction comes at an interesting time, as the global Covid-19 pandemic has spotlighted the need for taking more care with hygiene, particularly in office or public environments.

Long-Lasting Antibacterial Paper File Folders Are in Demand

Edofiber’s antibacterial implementation is an excellent innovation because it’s doesn’t use a surface-coating or topical treatment like most alternatives. Instead, the antibacterial properties get embedded deeply into the Washi paper fibers. That’s advantageous for end users because the antibacterial benefits last much longer than a surface treatment.

Health experts have recommended that all offices conduct risk assessments concerning COVID-19. Part of such an audit would involve tracking any business practice that could increase the risk and spread of infection. Although paper products and file folders may not immediately come to mind, there are few valid reasons companies would ignore the benefit of upgrading their filing system with antibacterial Washi filing folders.

Employees and management agree that taking steps to keep everyone safe is a top priority. In addition to regular hand-washing, using paper file folders with antibacterial treatment is a sound practice. It not only decreases the likelihood of passing viruses and germs, but it gives your team peace of mind when handling documents and records.

Grow Revenues Selling Antibacterial Paper Products

For companies looking for additional ways to sell office supplies, the antibacterial paper is a must. It empowers your sales team to find new customers who are most concerned about the health and welfare of their employees, customers, and on-site visitors.

Edofiber is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and Japanese office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide who need new products to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Customers want attractive and long-lasting paper products, and they’ll remain loyal when the quality is high.

Now’s an excellent time to add paper products to your office supply business. Japanese office supplies are a unique product that gives you a competitive edge. Treat your clients to innovative, world-class quality paper products manufactured with care. No matter what type of Washi product you need, our experienced team is happy to help with custom printing or large runs of file folders.