Japanese Lacquered Chopsticks Create a Compelling Dining Experience

There’s no doubt that chopsticks have a range of the most basic design to elaborate artistic expressions. Originally conceived and put into widespread use by the Chinese, by the time Japanese people began using them regularly, a few noticeable differences between the two cultures emerged.

Chinese chopsticks are almost always are simple and unfinished. Their Japanese counterparts, on the other hand, often have a finish, including beautiful lacquer.

Discover the Elegance of Nuri-Bashi

People who seek the ultimate in chopsticks will inevitably learn about Wakasa-Nuri-Bashi. These ornate chopsticks are meticulously hand-crafted by master artists in the Wakasa district in Fukui prefecture.

These beautiful chopsticks are considered luxury items in Japan and are generally handmade. The most crucial process for creating Wakasa-Nuri is applying a pattern to the chopsticks, covering that up, and revealing the design through careful polishing.

Although the handmade process is painstaking and can take up a year to complete, producing lacquered chopsticks for the masses is more straightforward. First, the process sees the application of two undercoat lacquer layers on the base material, which is almost always wood.

That first finish is thoroughly polished. Then, the application of additional lacquer gets applied and is polished again. The result is stunning, both dramatic and elegant.

Chopsticks Using Nuri-Bashi Lacquerware Style Are Suitable for Wholesale Business

Fortunately, for people who are nowhere near Fukui prefecture and want the look of the handmade classics without the cost, EdoFiber offers a solution.

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EdoFiber has developed a method of mass-producing the lacquerware style of Nuri-Bashi that is suitable for wholesale business. The company provides a valuable service for restaurants worldwide who want authentic Japanese chopsticks.

Wakasa-Nuri chopsticks, which are sometimes called jewel-lacquer, create a compelling presentation for the ultimate dining experience. EdoFiber lacquered chopsticks retain the historical heritage, and combine with modern technology, to make innovative lifestyle items that are sufficient for everyday and commercial dining.

A New Age Dawns for Nuri-Bashi

Due to the amount of time it takes for a master artisan to create chopsticks in this traditional manner, Nuri-Bashi has been too expensive for most commercial enterprises. Now, all of that is changing thanks to EdoFiber’s new process, which makes them affordable to a mass market.

EdoFiber partners with forward-thinking companies all over the world to promote the beauty and functionality of Washi. We’re first Washi makers in the world to receive first Forest Stewardship Council certification.

We’ve supplied chopsticks to the restaurant industry since 1959. Since that time, we’ve earned a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative products. We’re confident that you will appreciate our lacquered chopsticks. They add elements of tradition and beauty to your tabletops and takeout, which helps you maintain an edge over competitors who don’t use these stately utensils.

Wakasa Nuri-Bashi luxury chopsticks have long been a symbol of excellence for the Fukui prefecture. Our chopsticks incorporate the key elements that make lacquered chopsticks memorable for everyone. Restaurant businesses looking to improve their diner’s experience should consider adding our new products to your lineup.

If you would like more information on our extensive line of high-quality products, reach out today for more details.