Paper File Folders with Innovative Antimicrobial Qualities

Antimicrobial products are in demand, and that’s no surprise because of how they help reduce bacteria and lengthen the lives of paper products. The agent eliminates 99% of the common germs and bacteria found in offices. That’s fantastic news for two fundamental reasons.

Firstly, these file folders contribute to a safer workplace. Folders shuffled around from hand to hand are a threat to anyone who handles them. Antibacterial properties help prevent the spread and propagation of potentially harmful germs, bacteria, and microbes.

Secondly, these folders are durable and attractive, so they are a definite upgrade from standard folders that are worn or potentially contaminated.

Why Do Antimicrobial File Folders Make a Difference?

Reducing 99% of bacteria is a win, no matter which department accomplishes it. Most companies are looking for every way possible to reduce the chance of spreading viruses. Following a guideline of recommendations will eventually lead to all traditional paper products getting upgraded to antibacterial versions.

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Is Washi Paper a Good Choice for File Folders?

Washi paper is an excellent choice for file folders because of its notable advantages. Washi is superior to most alternatives.

The Japanese love of penmanship and ink is why Washi paper grew as the most loved material for authors, writers, and office workers. The material has a distinctive visual appeal, is durable, and captures the written word and images well. Companies looking to showcase their brand in the best light enjoy Washi paper file folders because of their stunning aesthetics.

Another admirable quality of Washi paper is the production of this material doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Washi comes from the fibers of several bushes grown sustainably in fields. That’s significant! Edofiber is the only paper manufacture that has achieved Forest Stewardship Council certification for its environmentally-friendly paper products.

Are Japanese Office Supplies as Luxurious as People Say?

Edofiber has a line of antibacterial file folders that adds modern innovation to the lengthy history of high-quality Washi paper. Japanese office supplies are excellent because companies like Edofiber understand their customer’s needs and demands. Japanese office supply purchasers have long been considered the most critical and quality-oriented people in the business. Their desire to offer the best has inspired paper manufacturers like Edofiber to continue delivering industry-leading products.

Office suppliers who are looking for groundbreaking new products should reach out to Edofiber at once. Japanese file folders, especially antibacterial ones, are in high demand. Edofiber is always interested in working with new partners, and your most discerning customers will love Washi paper file folders’ visual superiority. This strategic partnership can help you grow your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.

Using paper file folders with innovative antimicrobial properties aligns your business with healthier workplace initiatives.

Washi file folders look better and last longer, making them a better long-term investment. Why settle for traditional paper products that are harmful to forests and don’t hold up to rugged office use? The less often you need to replace folders, the less time and money you’ll have to spend sorting or replacing them. Upgrade to antimicrobial protection with beautiful Washi paper file folders and discover why business owners love these products.