What Are The Unique Features Of Japanese File Folders?

Whether you’re making an effort to improve your organizational measures at home or in your office, it’s crucial to choose the best file folders for the project. By doing so, you can help ensure that all the meticulous work you put into sorting your documents helps to stand against the test of time.

For this reason, more people than ever before are choosing Japanese file folders for their paper document sorting and storage needs. While you might get tempted to settle for standard file folders to handle your essential paperwork, we’ll discuss some of the unique features of Japanese file folders that make them worth the investment.


Unlike traditional file – or manila – paper folders made from wood-sourced paper, Japanese file folders get made from the pulp of Mitsumata, Kozo, and Wild Gampi shrubs.

The loss of trees and forests is a grave threat to our world’s future, especially to all the species and wildlife that call these habitats their home.

Here are some of the most significant reasons for the loss of trees and forests in the modern era:

  • Wood extraction
  • Agricultural expansions
  • Mining
  • Dam construction
  • Cattle breeding
  • Oil extraction
  • Infrastructure development
  • Forest or wildfires
  • Disease
  • Weather events

According to National Geographic data, they estimate the globe lost 1.3 million square kilometers of the forest from 1990 through 2016. Currently, forests cover about 30% of the planet’s landmass; however, these natural resources are disappearing at a frightening pace.

Edofiber is the first worldwide Washi maker to get certified and awarded the Forest Stewardship Council. The company has achieved 40 targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for worldwide forest management, preserving these environments through consistent, sustainable, and eco-friendly operations.

By choosing file folders that have less impact on the environment, you’re doing your part to live your life or run your business more sustainably.

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Japanese file folders made from washi paper are known and prized for their durability and luxurious texture.

The long fibers and woody pulp of the Mitsumata, Kozo, and Wild Gampi shrubs create a strong bond that makes them ideal for multiple applications, including long-term and short-term storage or daily use.

In business or corporate use cases, they are ideal for keeping essential paper records, including contracts, receipts, client or patient information, employee records, tax records, and legal documents.

Their strength and flexibility can keep a significant amount of records without tearing, ripping, or bursting at the seams.

When you have a large amount of paperwork to keep in an organized manner, you’ll be happy that you chose high-quality file folders. Especially since mass-marketed, cheap manila folders often can’t withstand the rigors of frequent handling or long-term storage. You can worry less about the folder getting damaged and potentially dropping the contents all over the place.

Antibacterial Properties

When people are more aware of the threats of bacteria and germs, antibacterial Japanese file folders from Edofiber get produced using a groundbreaking manufacturing process.

Unlike many mass-produced antibacterial file folders available on the market that apply a chemical treatment to the folder surfaces, Edofiber integrates antibacterial enzymes in the manufacturing process. These enzymes get directly embedded within the paper, ensuring they retain the antibacterial properties of the washi paper for longer than other competing products in the same category.

Sensible use case scenarios for storing paper records in antibacterial file folders include:

  • Professional presentions
  • Health clinics
  • Dentist offices
  • Doctor offices
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Legal offices
  • Courthouses
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shipping and receiving departments
  • Administrative recordkeeping
  • Archival recordkeeping

It’s worth noting that companies should keep essential paper documents for no less than seven years as a practice. For businesses that rely heavily on paperwork to keep their company operating smoothly, this could represent a significant amount of paperwork to sort and store!

In personal use cases, antibacterial file folders are terrific for storing essential paperwork such as:

  • Property deeds
  • Vehicle titles
  • Loan documents
  • Product warranties
  • Product user manuals
  • Vital records, including birth, marriage, or death certificates
  • Veterinary records for pets
  • Registration paperwork
  • Social security documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Banking information
  • Medical records
  • Tax records
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Divorce decrees
  • Report cards
  • Photographs
  • Research papers
  • Necessary letters or correspondences
  • Children’s keepsakes

Whether you choose antibacterial file folders for personal or professional use, you’re taking steps to safeguard against the spread of bacteria and germs when these folders get handled.

As you can imagine, these antibacterial properties help you operate with more confidence that germs aren’t getting spread. In an era of COVID-19, it’s a straightforward way to offer an extra level of protection for yourself, loved ones, employees, partners, and colleagues.

Beauty And Branding

There’s no sensible reason for you to settle for boring and bland file folders! Japanese file folders manufactured by Edofiber offer clients the option to customize their office folders with their branding, which is ideal for multiple use cases, including:

  • Professional presentations
  • Request for proposal presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Executive paperwork
  • New hire orientation packages
  • Employee review paperwork
  • Benefits packages
  • Onboarding
  • Exit interviews
  • Promotional materials
  • Sales materials
  • Training modules
  • Board documents

Customized options available to buyers include edge-dyeing, embossing, foil stamping, watermarking, and embossing.

Regardless of whether you need antibacterial file folders with an elaborate or straightforward branding design, washi antibacterial file folders rise to the occasion.

They provide a durable and sensible solution for your specific needs in every application and are ideal for both internal and external distribution.

High-Quality Office Supplies From Edofiber

In addition to customized file folders, Edofiber offers a broad range of attractive and functional washi office supplies, including notepads, envelopes, and letterhead so that you can differentiate your correspondences by keeping them uniform and beautiful across the board.

Competitively priced, our office supplies are sure to meet your personal or professional paper document storage needs. For more information, please reach out and get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Our friendly and knowledgeable product team is happy to answer any questions you have about our products and help guide you to the perfect Japanese office supplies for your requirements.