Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products

Antimicrobial paper products are in high demand due to increased awareness about the problems associated with a bacterial spread. Microbes and germs commonly cause illness to spread.

The use of antimicrobial products helps slow or outright stop the spread of nasty microorganisms, including viruses, fungi like mildew and mold, protozoans, and bacteria.

Another significant downside for paper products exposed to microbes is that it degrades the physical structure, leading to staining. Stains and imperfections make the paper look old, worn, and unappealing.

When evaluating the use of antibacterial products, two prime benefits must get considered:

  • Microbe-resistance eliminates and stops the spread of damaging microbes, limiting their adverse impact on humans.
  • Antibacterial agents prevent microbes from staining, causing odor and product degradation.

Office managers who wish to uphold the strictest standards in safety and health should consider upgrading their supplies to include innovative antimicrobial paper products.

How do Antibacterial Materials Work?

Surfaces that contain antimicrobial agents hinder microorganisms’ ability to grow and lessens the bacterial count. Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 virus created an increased demand for antimicrobial products in every modern office. Unfortunately, any surface or item handled or used by employees poses a potential risk for viral spread.

By replacing traditional paper with antimicrobial alternatives, you’re taking steps to prevent germ spread within your home office or business environment. When you weigh the negligible cost of having this protective agent on your documents and office paperwork, the benefits make it worth the added expense.

For companies who continue to use paper filing systems for compliance or recordkeeping, implementing antimicrobial file folders as a replacement for traditional file folders is a starting point.

If you decide to embark on a larger scale project to sanitize your office, replacing older, less sanitary file folders with antibacterial properties is worth considering.

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Paper Products Benefit From Antibacterial Treatment

Almost all paper products benefit from antibacterial treatment. Industries like food, packaging, medical, and office supplies need sanitary office products to ensure a hygienic environment – paper products with antimicrobial protection ingrained in the pulp yield excellent results in office settings.

It was just a matter of time until Washi paper, Japan’s traditional paper product, was combined with an antibacterial agent to reduce common bacteria. Edofiber, long a leader in paper manufacturing, offers a line of an antibacterial paper file folder that’s popular with office supply purchasers worldwide.

Edofiber infuses its antibacterial agent directly into its raw materials at the beginning of production, which results in a long lifetime for microbe-fighting properties. That gives customers more value and confidence in purchasing. Office supply buyers always want a combination of features to ensure they’re getting the best solution available. Durability, aesthetic appeal, and antibacterial treatment are a winning combination.

New Uses for Antimicrobial Paper Products Continue to Emerge

Companies that were once reluctant to use antimicrobial paper products are more willing to try them since COVID-19 captured worldwide attention. The disruption to global businesses and life this pandemic caused further emphasizes the need to clean and sanitize.

Employees, customers, clients, and visitors are sure to appreciate this attention to care and detail.

Worker Wellness Requires Germ Spread Reduction and Proper Planning

The safety of employees is always a pressing business matter. Companies that want to recruit the best employees benefit from maintaining a clean and secure work environment, including an actionable plan for reducing bacterial loads and germ spreading.

Offices are a potential hotbed of germ activity. One employee can quickly spread germs in these enclosed spaces by sneezing, coughing, talking nearby, or touching surfaces with unsanitized hands.

Even more worrisome, people who touch their faces after handling contaminated items or surfaces can become infected with conditions ranging from the common flu to COVID-19. Offices must recognize this potential for contamination because most studies show influenza and related viruses survive two to four hours after exposure.

Companies that should incorporate the use of antibacterial paper products include the following.

  • Doctors Offices
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Medical Clinics
  • Business Offices
  • Dental Practices
  • Schools
  • Long Term Care And Assisted Living Facilities

All of these enterprises have a responsibility to keep visitors, workers, and vendors safe.

Essential Methods to reduce germ loads may include any of the following strategies.

Safety Is Now the Top Business Priority

A recent survey by HR company Oasis showed that safety was the number one priority for companies looking to reopen or remain open. That means these businesses are ready to discuss the myriad benefits of antibacterial paper products. Edofiber seeks new partners who want to offer high-quality paper file folders and paper products embedded with microbial fighting properties.

Combining the traditional strong points of Washi paper with innovative antibacterial treatment makes robust and distinctive office supply products that meet modern businesses’ needs to stop disease transmission. There’s little chance any companies will be allowed to ignore worker wellness from now on if they plan on staying open for business. The poor outcomes experienced by countries worldwide during the current pandemic ensure that guidelines and regulations concerning surface and paper products will likely expand to include antibacterial treatments.

High levels of surface bacteria are causing significant problems. Introducing a solution in the form or upgrading to antibacterial paper file folders makes sense and ensures that the worker wellness program continues to expand. Paper file systems provide a hard copy archive and are integral for many companies. Protecting workers that handle the files is possible thanks to a multipronged, multidisciplined approach.

You Can Count on Edofiber to Deliver Innovative Paper Products

Edofiber has been manufacturing Washi for as long as there’s been an industry devoted to mass-producing Japan’s traditional paper. To accomplish that task on a broad scale, the company developed numerous ground-breaking tactics that modernized the production process, which was once one hundred percent manual. That same spirit of innovation led to the breakthrough antibacterial paper file folders.

Edofiber utilizes many various printing techniques on Washi Paper, which result in stunning final presentations. As the world’s only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper manufacturer, we remain committed to sustainability and worker wellness. If you’re looking to add high-quality Japanese paper products to your current lineup, contact us for more information on partnerships.