Washi Digital Paper: Traditional Meets Modern

Washi digital paper is a cutting-edge, modern version of Japan’s famous traditional paper.

Long prized for its strength and absorbency, modern Washi paper is ideal for digital printing. Compared with regular paper, its greater absorbency and luxurious textures mean better printing jobs, with more vivid, beautiful colors and crisper images and text.

In designing this paper, we at Edofiber have taken great pains to reproduce the best aspects of traditional handmade Washi in a modern paper that is economical for mass production, while working to make our production process and the final product environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Traditional Washi

Washi paper was made by hand in Japanese villages for many hundreds of years, having been introduced from China around 610 CE by Buddhist monks.

Historically, the traditional process incorporated textile-like aspects, lending Washi a strength and beauty that would be unimaginable in any other paper. This traditional Washi continues to be prized for many artistic purposes.

This traditional Washi production continues in a number of Japanese villages today, but it is far too labor-intensive to ever be practical for mass production. For us to bring Washi to the office and modern digital printing, we had to find a better way.

Bringing Tradition into Modern Times

Together with our parent company Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., we have been manufacturing machine-made Washi since 1955.

Our process required a harmonious fusion of traditional quality and modern efficiency: we took the traditional Tesuki process of making Washi by hand and found a way to mechanize it without detracting from the incredible qualities of this traditional paper.

The result is beautiful Washi paper with luxurious textures and excellent absorbency, available for large-volume orders all around the world.

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Modern Washi Paper for Modern Printing Needs

What do you look for in paper? Whether you are looking to print out brochures, menus, programs, memos, or anything else, you need a paper that is versatile, strong, and able to handle a variety of different printing jobs to a high standard of quality.

Our Washi paper is perfect for fulfilling your modern printing needs. It combines durability, beauty, strength, and highly desirable textures.

One of the things that is most notable about Washi is how long it will last: highly durable, sheets of Washi endure far longer and preserve the quality of the print job far longer than conventional paper.

Washi holds colors far better than conventional paper, making for bright, crisp printing jobs. Use it for all of your digital printing needs: it is more than adequate for any printing job.

Finding a Japanese Washi Paper Supplier

Here at Edofiber, we are proud of our historic place as one of the largest distributors of Washi paper in the whole of Japan. We are on the lookout for business partners in both the United Kingdom and the United States, companies who are interested in buying and distributing our Washi digital paper.

Our product beautifully blends the traditional quality and aesthetic appeal of the age-old handcrafted Washi with mechanized efficiency, making a paper that is at once traditional and modern.