Environmentally Friendly Washi File Folders

Are you searching for ways to streamline your business operations and operate more sustainably? If so, among the first ways to do so is by switching to a more environmentally-friendly paper product. Washi paper, made from natural fibers, has been used in Japan for centuries as a durable and luxurious paper for art and print and storage files. It’s now a standard office supply used by businesses worldwide due to its eco-friendly composition.

What Makes Washi A Unique Replacement For Tree-Based Paper Products

If you’re weighing a switch over from traditional office paper products to more sustainable solutions, Washi paper by Edofiber is unique in the following ways:

  • It is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Made from fibers of Mitsumata, Gampi, and Kozo shrubs, not deforested trees.
  • The long fibers create a luxurious feel.
  • Withstands bending and folding better than ordinary paper.

In addition, washi with antibacterial protection woven into the fibers is healthier for office and home use than traditional paper. This long-lasting protection can help keep your workplace healthier and more sanitary.

Washi Paper And Folders For Commercial Use

Washi antibacterial file folders (also called file jackets) hold up well and protect your documents when in storage, use, or transfer. In schools, offices, and medical facilities, the antimicrobial properties help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

When used in commercial applications like team meetings, office storage, and communications, washi is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional file folders.

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We Have A Duty To Protect The Future And Each Other

When you consider that deforestation contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, it’s easy to see how converting your tree-based paper products to eco-friendly washi products helps the environment.

Fortunately, there is a sustainable alternative to traditional paper – washi paper. The word “washi” means “Japanese paper,” which refers to paper products created with pulp fibers from plants other than trees. For example, Edofiber washi paper products use pulp fiber from Gampi, Kozo, and Mitsumata plants.

These plant species get harvested sustainably. In addition, they regenerate quickly. Using these plant species to create sustainable office and paper products helps preserve forests and protect biodiversity.

As stewards of the planet, we should consider using washi paper products as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper. Not only does it help reduce the impact of deforestation, but it also supports the growth of sustainable plant species.

When you make the switch to washi paper, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping preserve our planet’s sustainability for future generations.

Start Making A Difference With Washi Paper Products

Switching to sustainable washi empowers conscientious business owners to stand against deforestation and its effects. Washi antibacterial file folders are ideal for businesses of any size to make a difference every day.

Washi Paper from Edofiber is certified by The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC. This organization sets forth environmentally sensitive methods of producing paper products, which the United Nations developed to achieve sustainability goals.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 products that are FSC certified.

When you choose washi paper folders, you’re helping preserve the environment around us for future generations.