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Washi paper is a traditional Japanese paper, one which we have modernized for mass production while retaining the incredible qualities that have earned this paper its legendary status.

Washi is famous for its artistic and literary uses in Japan, and now it is accessible to modern business and office use.

What is Washi?

Washi is a traditional Japanese paper, long made from the inner fibers of three plants, including a type of mulberry.

Produced in Japan since its introduction from China at the hands of Buddhist monks around 610 CE, Washi was long prized for its luxurious textures, marvelous color absorbency, and incredible durability and longevity.

Because the Washi production process was more like textile production and used some textile-like materials, the resulting paper was of surpassing quality, and is still highly prized for many traditional uses today.

Creating Modern Washi

This combination of traditional beauty, durability, and luxurious textures is what we wanted to capture with our Washi. The challenge lay in finding a way to make Washi in a more efficient and modern manner.

Our parent company, Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd., innovated a production process that captured the best aspects of the traditional process of manufacturing Washi, producing a traditional Japanese paper in a modern manner.

The resulting paper is just as durable, beautiful, and absorbent as the original handmade version. The only thing that is different is the efficient mechanized process of production, which allows us to fulfill large orders for Washi worldwide.

We are proud of our role as Japan’s largest Washi supplier, and now we are looking for partners in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Using Our Washi

What sets our Washi apart from other paper? The answer is the combination of luxurious textures, durability, and absorbency.

The luxurious textures of our Washi contribute to particularly high-quality, crisp images. They also make possible the absorbency, which means the Washi takes the ink a great deal better than conventional paper, in a more canvas-like fashion.

As a result, if you print on Washi, the completed print job will be of notably good quality. Washi printed materials are of particularly high quality, with deep, vibrant colors. The definition and clarity of the images or text printed on Washi is far superior to that of conventional paper.

Additionally, Washi is much stronger and longer-lasting than conventional paper: the fibers used to manufacture it are much tougher, making for a much more durable finished result.

If you have a need for printed materials that are of the highest quality and you want them to be long-lasting, you cannot do better than the Washi paper we supply.

Seeking Business Partners Worldwide

If you are in need of a material for printing the highest-quality printed materials, our Washi paper can serve your needs far more effectively than conventional paper. As Washi paper suppliers, we have the advantage of long experience producing excellent Washi designed for a range of modern printing needs.

When you require the greatest quality in your paper, there is no substitute for partnering with the best.