What Are Japanese File Folders and Why Are They Better Than Traditional Office Supplies?

Japanese file folders are ideal for offices that require durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and functional folders for their filing systems.

File folders are invaluable when organizing records. Unlike average, run of the mill file folders, Japanese file folders embrace a long tradition of excellence, including special care when sourcing the materials. Washi paper sets a higher standard among paper products because of its durability and inherent beauty. Companies worldwide are discovering the value for themselves by adding Japanese file folders to their product offerings.

Antibacterial Japanese File Folders Defend Against Germs

Since the Covid-19 pandemic rose to the forefront of public consciousness, companies are looking for ways to reduce bacterial counts whenever possible. Treating paper with antibacterial protection is always a sound idea, and the methodologies Edofiber uses with their Washi paper is groundbreaking. Instead of applying an antibacterial solution in the last step of the manufacturing process, they infuse these antibacterial properties directly in the paper product.

Edofiber has developed a top reputation as a result of dedication to craft and innovation. Their new antibacterial Washi paper is one shining example of their modernism that empowers companies to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional file folders. Employees want assurance that their employers provide and maintain safe work and business environments. Using antibacterial Washi paper file folders makes a bold declaration of commitment to hygiene, in addition to providing a host of other benefits.

Responsible Forest Stewardship Matters

Edofiber is one of the only international paper manufacturers that is Forest Service Council certified for following the strictest environmental practices. That’s a compelling designation that confirms the company supports sustainable manufacturing processes that help forest ecosystems prosper. Globally, millions of lifeforms call forests their home, and humans depend on the resources for various reasons. FSC-Certified manufacturers remain committed to manufacturing techniques that help forests flourish.

Woodlands play a vital role in the health and balance of the environment. For forest resources to thrive for generations to come, sustainable growth and harvest methodologies must get enforced. To preserve these natural resources, FSC-Certification helps teach companies the procedures they must use. These procedures ensure that all companies throughout the supply chain use sustainable production methods during all production stages, from sourcing to shipping.

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Washi Paper Continues to Lead the Way

Washi paper has a luxurious feel due in part to the unique raw materials it uses. They aren’t wood-based paper products. With this premium paper material, a variety of printing processes, and many colors, there are few limits to the fine Washi paper’s look and feel.

Upgraded Paper File Document Storage

When you need to get your paperwork and documents sorted, Washi Paper Files are an elegant and durable solution. Here are some suggestions for keeping files organized.

  • Color coding: Color-coding systems help to keep your files in order. For success, anyone who accesses it should understand the color coding and follow it consistently. Consider using colored labels or different colored file folders, whichever best suits your purpose.
  • Label making: Modern label makers allow you to affix descriptive labels to folders and storage systems. For extra-complex systems, clear and easy to read labels are straightforward for everyone. Self-created tags make sure that your file folders are always neat and organized.
  • Careful categorizing: Creating a sensible categorization system is always a top priority for a filing system. Knowing which papers go where with a glance means you’ll rarely if ever, misfile something important. It pays to be thoughtful upfront, but you may always add additional subcategories when your needs grow.

At the core of any of these strategies, it makes sense to use file folders that last. Washi paper is perfect for that purpose because traditional Japanese paper is known for its unparalleled beauty, strength, and quality. The products’ source is the fibers collected from the Misumata Shrub, the Mulberry Bush, Hemp, Rice, Bamboo, and the Gampi Tree. Up until the early twentieth century, Washi was available almost exclusively in Japan. Over the years, it became nearly synonymous with Japanese quality, and Edofiber upholds the tradition.

Edofiber offers antibacterial Japanese file folders using state of the art manufacturing techniques. They use vegetable oil ink and bamboo pulp to create an array of eye-catching colors using the traditional Tesuki washing production strategies.

Choose to Offer the Best Paper File Folders

We meet the demands of industrial customers using a variety of printing processes. No matter the order size, our experienced team can deliver the perfect product. Experience the quality of Japanese file folders made by a manufacturer with over one hundred years of experience. File folders are always in demand, and many large organizations and enterprises rely on paper records to keep track of paperwork.

The antibacterial treatment is not topical or surface-coated; instead, it’s embedded deep within the Washi paper’s fibers. The antibacterial benefits last much longer than surface-treated paper products. For customers who want a quality presentation and long-lasting antibacterial properties, this is an irresistible selling point. Clients reap the benefits of better organization and presentation using Washi file folders.

More than ever, companies are concerned about hygiene in the workplace. When multiple people touch the folders, the risk for passing germs increases, that’s why antibacterial folders are sensible. These folders reduce the risk of transmission while improving peace of mind. Organizations that value their worker’s safety are positioning themselves as leaders.

File systems will continue to be integral for organizations, both for homes and offices. People’s needs to store receipts, titles, insurance policies, and other documents have changed very little over the years. For health-conscious people, antibacterial file folders help support their lifestyle. Not only do antibacterial folders keep everything in its place, but they also keep bacteria at bay.

Edofiber is an international manufacturer and distributor of Japanese file folders and other high-quality office supplies. Edofiber is seeking business opportunities with distributors and suppliers worldwide. If you’re looking to add high-quality, in-demand products to your roster, contact us today.

Our extensive line enhances your offerings, providing you with groundbreaking new ways to grow revenues. Reliable products make for happy customers, and our traditional Japanese file folders keep people coming back for more.